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Reflections on the A to Z Challenge. Simply That, or A New WIP? #AtoZchallenge

“When a challenge is completed then see it not as a task accomplished, but as an achievement through perseverance and endeavour.” The Amanuensis.

A to Z Challenge. Ziu, “Myth And Lore.” By Jeremiah Delalande. #AtoZchallenge

“Legends are ubiquitous. They represent ages past, lost civilisations, heavenly battles, religious culture and lie at the heart of morality.” Jeremiah Delalande, Lecture on Philosophy of Lore.

Ynshael, a high elf from the caucus of elves. Known by another name and searching for her lover. Unaware stones of power are returning to the world

A to Z Challenge. Ynshael Faeroris; High Elf Sorceress. #AtoZchallenge

“Wars are lost in time. Who now remembers Ang Nafud, The Barrow Woods before the wights, the Elven landscape before the Dökkálfar, or the collapse of the Dwarf Dynasty at Carad Duir?” Arch Mage Eldred Mortain.

A to Z Challenge. Xalordyn, Dökkálfar War Lord #AtoZchallenge

“The Council erred. We betrayed one species and should have waged war on man. Fresh from victory and struck them from the world too.” Xalordryn Landirthir, Testimony to the Privy Dökkálfar War Council.

A to Z Challenge. Wayland Ferrers. #AtoZchallenge

“Witchcraft or worse. Whatever hit the boy here sent him clean over the edge and down the drop.” “Worse?” said the man with the loud heart. “What could be worse?”

A to Z Challenge. The Vault. #AtoZchallenge

“Knowledge is layered and, while freely accessible, is drawn from many arts. Some secrets are not suited to particular artisans. Each Order has a dedicated athenaeum. Never be tempted to uncover The Vault.” Arch Mage Eldred Mortain.

A to Z Challenge. Undercroft. #AtoZchallenge

“In ancient times places of worship built secret vaults to hide relics and people under scrutiny for being different. Many have been lost in antiquity. Seekers now scavenge the lands looking for lost undercrofts.” Arch Mage Eldred Mortain.

A to Z Challenge. Thaumaturge. #AtoZchallenge

“It is no laughing matter that a competent sorcerer holds life and death at their fingertips. It is a grave burden that should never be abused selfishly.” Arch Mage Eldred Mortain.

A to Z Challenge. The Strickland Connection. #AtoZchallenge

Professor Strickland, lecturing archaeologist and collector of supernatural myths and artefacts. A hobby leading him to Rome and a mirror.

A to Z Challenge. Roxbury Manor. #AtoZchallenge

“If you choose to build upon land that is, shall we say, of dubious nature, then do not expect it to remain silent. Many haunting are a result of misplaced foundations.” The Book of Myths and Ancient Law, Jeremiah Delalande.