Dragon Stone

Dragon Stone: High Elf

A sorcerer dislodged in time, a wizard bearing the emerald dragon stone in search of an oracle and an elf guiding her lover from a prison of ice.

PRIEST: Sanguisage

“Priest,” the voice whispered. A grating sound more akin to a rasp, “Thy cross is of little use if the armour behind it is broken.”

Witch Queen: Scar 

Yish nodded. “The texts span Elder Mages, the Necromage and Witch Queen. Do you never read? The sorcerer passed through here sacrificing his guard to the undead as payment to pass. He travelled through here to the Dragon Yard and beyond into the badlands seeking the green Dragon Stone.”

Dragon Stone: Moonstone

Naz nodded, his throat felt dry. He reached into his gunna and drew out a water-skin. “It has insatiable curiosity,” he ventured.


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Dragon Stone

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