Dragon Stone

Dragon Stone: The Magi of Enigma

“The greatest threat to peace are fanatics. I unearthed a parchment deep inside the vault. The Magi of Enigma were such a sect whose sole ambition was genocide.” Jeremiah Delalande, Lecture on Thaumaturgical Archaeology.

Dragon Stone: The Sapphire

“It came from an imaginary dragon that was a carving of an owl on that staff wielded by a madman. He said it was a Dragon Stone.” “The Sapphire,” Yish knelt to look at it. “Naz, that means….”

Dragon Stone: High Elf

A sorcerer dislodged in time, a wizard bearing the emerald dragon stone in search of an oracle and an elf guiding her lover from a prison of ice.

PRIEST: Sanguisage

“Priest,” the voice whispered. A grating sound more akin to a rasp, “Thy cross is of little use if the armour behind it is broken.”


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Dragon Stone

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