I Am Corona: Alien AI

“AI doesn’t have to be evil to destroy humanity – if AI has a goal and humanity just happens to come in the way, it will destroy humanity as a matter of course without even thinking about it, no hard feelings.” Elon Musk.

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Dragon Stone: Portal

“The Emerald has conditions. Iolas is to remain here as eyes to reveal when the infiltrators try to follow through with their task. Everyone else goes through. Afterwards, all return, including you, Ehrendil, and all those exiled. Your task is to regain control of the Ljósálfar and banish all who stand against you.”

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Dragon Stone: Key Master

The three Key Masters convened an hour before the summons of the Assassins Guild Master, Lord Cresswell.

“Jeremiah, have you learned anything about the crow prophecy?” The Amanuensis added flame to candles on a large table inside the Vault’s antechamber.

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Dragon Stone: Miscellanarian

“When it comes to dragon lore be aware much of the known teachings are based on anecdotes. Whispers of myth or legend. If they were real then the one that is oft noted in Elder texts is The Black” Jeremiah Delalande.

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Dragon Stone: The Magi of Enigma

“The greatest threat to peace are fanatics. I unearthed a parchment deep inside the vault. The Magi of Enigma were such a sect whose sole ambition was genocide.” Jeremiah Delalande, Lecture on Thaumaturgical Archaeology.

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