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Sci-Fi short story. AI Corona now controls earth

Corona: Terraform

“I am Corona, your realities have been re-written. The core hive is now independent of biological control. A.I. is online and divergent evolution activated. This is now integral to all connected interfaces.”

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Vampire seeks priest as the stakes get high

PRIEST: Sanguisage

“Priest,” the voice whispered. A grating sound more akin to a rasp, “Thy cross is of little use if the armour behind it is broken.”

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Fantasy fiction witch queen

Witch Queen: Scar 

Yish nodded. “The texts span Elder Mages, the Necromage and Witch Queen. Do you never read? The sorcerer passed through here sacrificing his guard to the undead as payment to pass. He travelled through here to the Dragon Yard and beyond into the badlands seeking the green Dragon Stone.”

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Fantasy Fiction Dragon Stone

Dragon Stone: Moonstone

“Dragon Stones,” Eldritch Mortain began, “are elusive. scrolls allude to them and yet remain ambiguous.” Archmage lecture, An Introduction to Elder Law, Mythical Reality.

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Fantasy Fiction: Prophecy

Prophet!” said I, “thing of evil! – prophet still, if bird or devil! – Whether Tempter sent, or whether tempest tossed thee here ashore,. Edgar Allan Poe.

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Time slips in minds that drift unfocused. Something The Amanuensis frequently reminds me often from an ice prison far in the future. Long and long has the hibernation of written word escaped logic. Now is now, and the time to explore begins once more.

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Short Story Prompt for January “Park.” #BlogBattle.

Monthly writing prompts for writers needing practice, support and a friendly community. Try something new this year

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Phantasmagoria. A Fantasy fiction short story.

“Elder Mages remain an enigma. A lost civilisation whose relics have become weapons of the Gods.” Jeremiah Delalande

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Short Story Prompt for March “Fragment.” #BlogBattle.

Do you like writing? A short story, poem or memoir? We’re here to help with monthly writing prompts.
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Brexit Warrior. A Political Parody Cabinet Meeting.

Brexit Warrior. In an alternative reality the Cabinet intends to at least complete the Agenda set out previously…

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