A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal. #AtoZchallenge

Ever since writing my last manuscript, Black Marsh, blogging has suffered, engagement by me has dropped and writing has suffered in what can only be described as a creative hangover.

I once promised a blogging friend over at Aura With Writing, that I’d have a go at this challenge. Recently I was reminded of this, and thought it might be a good opportunity to get back into writing habits in short form rather than sit about pondering larger manuscripts. Especially when I have two projects that I want to progress over summer. One is a much procrastinated ending and the other is to re-engage Dragon Stone and continue Wayland’s journey into the unknown with The Black.

Whether or not I can complete April with a post a day is debatable, but as I say with respect to NaNoWriMo, any posts are better than no posts. Any writing is better than no writing.

For those unfamiliar with this challenge go here.

Sign up is live until the end of this month and, as with ISWG, it’s a great way to find new bloggers with common writing goals. The aim is to post daily in April using each letter of the alphabet to create a prompt.



It says March 19, I signed up late!


My blog is primarily a writing one, author spotlights, examples of my work and so forth. It also needs a theme upgrade although that’s an entirely different post.

Ergo, I’ve decided to try using my own writing to work through this challenge. There may be extracts, characters, creatures and all manner of things I’ve not had time to consider yet. That, and the odd quote or two.

The committed posts will remain unaffected and will take priority if time is short so

Majorie Mallon

Rachael Ritchey

Ritu Bhathal


will all be dealt with as agreed. As will any new author spotlights that come in during the challenge. Just a quick punt there as I’m open to new ones coming in.






  1. Thank you for joining me!!!😄😄 You will do grea! This should be fairly easier for you as you’ve aced NaNoWriMo already! As you mentioned, the whole point of this challenge is- Any writing is better than no writing. Atleast for the month of April. You can keep your posts short and crisp, that really helps to not feel hectic, as you have a lot going on offline. I’m pretty sure your followers will enjoy your offering everyday through April! 😊 Love the theme by the way, very useful for fellow budding bloggers like me and I’m confident you’ll do 100% justice 😁

    Liked by 1 person

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