Dragon Stone; Originalis

When the sun sets before nightfall and mist flows like blood, it’s too late to run.

A few months ago I dropped two posts to test another project. They were brief. While I am pondering the brothers Carmichael and where to take that I thought I’d reintroduce Wayland in a fuller context to see what you lovely people think. The excerpts below are part of this, so apologies if you have read these before. Here they are represented with the full context around them. The working title is Dragon Stone. It is unlikely to remain as that because it is part of a much larger tale with one book already preceding these events.

Dead Man Walking

Dead Man Walking II

Dead Man Walking III

If you want to see more then please refer to the blurb at the end, and please feel free to share any of my posts.


Within a cavernous manse, deep in the bowels of another world, caldera rumbled in the distance. Disturbing the sounds of emptiness that stalked the myriad halls and subterranean tunnels. Arcane torched sconces un-illuminated the darkness; sucking them dry of light, turning the gloom into something denser than night itself. The airs oozed un-life and despair. Enriching the labyrinth with a deep, melancholic edge that would make men turn and flee in terror, seeking the exit to leap off the cliff and fall upon the rocks below to join the dead, bleached skulls below.

In an ante chamber It stirred. Within the weave of a death shroud shapes moved; fluxing in and out of reality. Dead souls locked in collection. Inside the hood what passed for eyes gazed upon the scrying glass perched on an alter. Alongside, two ancient candlesticks burned the same black light that radiated nothingness from the sconces outside. Eyes swirled within the hood, forever spiralling inwards like some miniature galactic whirl whose epicentre was a black hole from which nothing escapes…not even light. A gnarled skeletal hand emerged from the Weave and caressed the Glass. It responded by misting and slowly revealing the World of Men. A yard of the dead, cloaked in fog drifting atop long forgotten tombstones. Elegies corroded in time and inhabited by lichen or moss.


The mind commanded and the Glass responded. Searching the stones and finding a long dead tree. An owl sat vigil. It’s neck rotated to look back at the glam. Two large yellow eyes looking into the heart of the galaxies in another place. Petrified branches cast moon-shadow onto the unhallowed earth. In a box underneath something stirred screaming in insanity. A mind lost in centuries of neglect inside a coffin that was rotting into a desiccated mouth lying within. Dead but not dead. Existing in total blackness with nothing sensory to grasp except the confines of wood. Nothing to see, nothing to hear. Endless unanswered questions.

By the alter the shade convened the Trinity…

The time is now.

The hand curled tighter on the Glass, and beneath the owl a stilled heart was squeezed as the necromancy began.


Three hundred years before this turn of events, Wayland Ferrars walked the woodland path with Tara Spinlow. The elders told him names held power, and his meant blacksmith harnessing the supernatural to furnish steel with uncompromising supremacy. It was chosen to bring strength and prosperity to the family trade; “Can’t do no harm lad,” they said.

Tara meant many things long in the future until the Tara Halls, where bards once sang of ancient deeds and heroes, became ruinous in neglect. The Spinlow’s lineage tarnished and sank in the witch trials of 1645 when a descendant in a time yet to come, Sarah, was found guilty and hanged. The oracles of old spoke of names that delivered these destinies.

In this time and place the world turned differently. The long haired blacksmiths apprentice strolled hand in hand with his inamorata down a path they oft trod as dusk settled. It was fresh into autumn with leaves turning to reds and yellows. The last warm rays of sunlight hurled shadows long and romance filled the minds of the lovers as they walked.

Wayland was pensive. Tonight was the one. He had secretly sought her father’s consent and was building to ask Tara for her hand in wedlock. The trail was leading towards an old folly that held a well where couples tossed trinkets to bring good fortune. Everything was finally falling into place. He was certain of a yes. The air smelt of summer’s end. Fresh after light rain that finished before he left the forge to clean up and collect his fair lady.

The folly was round the next bend, nestled within a stand of trees that curled round as if shielding it from danger. To their left, the path dipped sharply down a steep incline toward a meandering river that fuelled the mill further downstream. This was fronted by its flood field that would take on winters excess if rains came heavy. It was this side the sun was dipping from. The right harboured the wood proper. Lively by day and full of glowing eyes at night. Wayland had never seen a place so populated with owls. They seemed to be everywhere.

“Wayland.” A soft voice broke his reflections.

“Yes?” He looked down at Tara. Not by much, three inches at best, and gazed into her face. Your eyes are truly beautiful in this light.

“Will we grow old together do you think?”

Has her father said something? “I would like to think so.”

He brushed her auburn hair from where locks dropped provocatively across her forehead and tumbled down her cheek.

“What makes you ask that?”

Tara stopped walking and turned to look out over the river.

“I had a dream.”

An arm found it’s way over her shoulder.

“A nice dream I hope.”

She looked deep into his eyes; hazel with tiny flecks of red. They always seemed so confident and filled with courage. Except today she knew he was distracted.

“Do you love me?”

Wayland gave a cautious smile; something was bothering her.

“What makes you say that?”

“Nothing and everything.” Tara turned away and stared into the forest. “You didn’t answer though.”

Go to her, fool. Wayland gently spun her round. Feeling the warmth as he drew her close. She was trembling and pale; like she had seen a ghost…or worse.

“Tara, whats wrong?”

“Do you love me?”

“Of course I do. Now tell me what’s wrong.”

There were tears welling in her eyes.

“How much?”

Wayland felt it best to abandon the plans for the folly and draw them forwards. Clearly there was a most urgent matter burning inside her.

“Your father gave me permission to ask for your hand.”

Her eyes locked onto his.


Not quite as expected. Undeterred he knelt on one knee.

“Tara Spinlow, will you consent to be my bride and join our families together as man and wife for the rest of our years?”

He watched as her face fill with a radiance that moments ago had failed. There were tears now also but this time the cause was different.

“If you will stand then I shall give you an answer.”

Wayland smiled internally. Always she could draw things out. Play him like a fool, make him dance and laugh. She was his drug. How could this not be known to her. Placing a hand on one knee he looked at the ground and spied a small daisy. Marvelling at the white petals offset against yellow. Such a small thing and yet rich in understated beauty. Rising he stood before her like some child fumbling in front of a girl before conjuring the courage to as her out for the first time.

Tara leaned forwards and kissed him briefly before resting her forehead against his.

“What took you so long to ask?”

His face reddened and the fumbling boy returned. He looked back to the daisy.

“I, um, was…uncertain you, um…felt the same.”

Fingers under his chin brought his eyes back to hers.

“Remember this well. If you ever have questions or concerns I will always be there to listen. There is no need to be embarrassed on my account…ever.”

Her smile was the prettiest thing he had ever seen that day, that moment. The boy withdrew and the man returned.

“Have you said yes then?”

She laughed softly and threw herself against him.

“Of course it’s a yes.”

No-one noticed the daisy petals grow black and wither on the ground below before Wayland’s boot stepped onto it.

Locked in his arms he could feel her breathing. The rise and fall of her rib cage; her chest crushing against his. It was his turn to ask a question.

“What was in the dream that disturbed you so much?”

He felt her fingers tighten.

“I was in the dark, running from something and you were gone. Then I was imprisoned and they told me it was your fault. That you never loved me and I was being turned into a monster.”

It all sounded absurd given the circumstances; wrapped, as she was, within his arms. She dreamt all the time and occasionally this left her with deja vu.

“This one was about tonight. I simply had to know that you loved me in case it came true.”

Wayland kissed her for the last time.

“Tara, I have always loved you and cannot see a time when this will ever stop. I cannot imagine a life without you. I could simply not exist. You are my world. Without you it would…just be unthinkable.”

Her head was on his shoulder. He could feel it growing damp and knew she was weeping. Something inside his mind was screaming get her away from here; she has the power of foresight. He shook it off, but the pounding in his chest would not let go. Instincts were generating fear. It was now dark. Time had flowed fast and the sun was beyond the horizon leaving an orange glow in the wisps of cloud that drifted beyond the river.

“We should go.”

They were now side by side, holding hands and watching a growing mist begin to stir on the river. Behind another fog was creeping unseen along the path. With it came disquiet. Insects fled or died, birds were absent and animals beyond reach having sensed things were wrong some time ago. Only the owls watched on.


The river looked creepy in the after light with mist overlapping the banks and spilling into the fields. From up on the path it looked like ground clouds moving ever onwards.


Behind the fog continued to flow. It was more than just the daisy that curled and expired underfoot. Ghost lights flickered in the forest as the temperature plummeted.

“It’s too late. Don’t ever forget me…”

He turned to look at her


Was all that came forth before something unseen heaved him off the path and sent him crashing down the bank toward the flood field. Tumbling he heard an ungodly scream, and knew this to be Tara. Around him the dark landscape turned and wheeled, until his head found a tree stump and the dark became black.

That takes the tale through two steps of eight. A chapter if you like. Like many of my blog rambles, it is pretty much raw and requires fine tuning. As King extols, bones from which fuller excavation can reveal more. The links above drop into this tale three times deeper in.

The creature at the start is a long standing villain, originating as an RPG character long and long ago. Anyone who gamed with me back then might recall It’s name. I am yet to decide whether to axe that part.

As mentioned in the introduction this and a few other explorations are part of a much bigger work of fiction. Whether this makes the final cut I know not.

Question is, what do you think? More from this, axe it, go back to the brothers Carmichael, something new?

© G Jefferies and Fictionisfood, 2016. All rights reserved.

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  1. And you moan to me on messenger about a lack of confidence in your writing???

    *Stares with big wide eyes at your story*

    I am saying nothing. Okay I will say I think you are an amazing writer and from now on I am the only one who can moan.

    1. I so do too. It’s that good….me….rubbish rock and hard place thing. I might point you at the rest of this chapter and ask for your professional judgement at the end point!

      Actually, if I’m honest…I like this one. It’s sat very patiently for too long while other projects took front of house. I’m very tempted to take this into NaNo this year and see where it goes.

      Obviously my other stuff is rubbish 😜

    1. Thank you so much Sobhalisha. It’s blogger support that keeps the mind from despairing about writing!

      Mind you, Sobhalisha is a fabulous name for a character!

    1. Most kind Marje, this has been sitting idling for just over a year now. Other projects cropped up and I’ve still one to finish. Am thinking this summer for Wayland to continue. X

    1. Odd you mention them. They feature in two books oddly enough. One called The Bequest which still has a few chapters left to write and one I completed at the end of January called Black Marsh. Both are first drafts mind and the latter does include extracts from here. 😊

  2. I love it, Gary! Your writing pulls me right into your story and I want to read more. I look forward to future posts. And, I secretly (okay, not so secretly) hope it wasn’t the “last kiss”. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much. I’ve been toying with going back to this one for a couple of weeks now. There are three more parts to this on here that complete the test chapter. I may recycle into BUYB. Whether it’s the last kiss….hmm….you might want to ask that question at the end of what’s on here 😱

    1. This is the summer or next NaNoWriMo project. I had an epiphany yesterday about what to do after our Easter promise lol.

      There’s something about this one I have some affection for. Not to mention it was referred to in Black Marsh (the one I just finished!!!)

        1. I need to get the other project sorted and then I can go back to more chilling stuff. I can hear The Black stirring already lol. Mind you it did that at the end of the last one come to think about it!

    1. Many thanks and if you found it creepy then that’s even better! I wanted atmosphere and people finding it leaning toward horror. This is just part one. I have posted the whole chapter in parts here and may put them up again in BUYB over the next couple of weeks. Gives me a confidence boost too which helps me continue writing!

    1. Thanks Fiona 🙂 I did put the rest of this chapter up some time ago and may cycle it again on FB. It was more a tester to see if the idea would pan out. I thought ages ago it would, but other projects got in the way. This year I want to tackle this again.

      I take it your brother is into macabre too lol

        1. Ooh, I was going to put a section up again each week, comments on Saturday and sharing on Sunday. Although in my opinion reading it in order as you would a book would give it more justice. If you want to search for Dragon Stone on here. This one is part one and should appear at the bottom of the list. Follow them in order upwards for the right sequence 😊

    1. Thank you Orla. I was musing the other day that the sequence I put on here was just a chapter test. I have one other book to finish off and then I want to get back into this one. I’m thinking maybe summer or the next NaNoWriMo. Really appreciate your supportive comments 🙂

    1. Wow, you were busy. Mind you if toddlers sleep then I recall making far more of my downtime than I do now! I think it’s in four parts, but together they are a chapter 😊

      1. When I can get this guy asleep for a nap, he sleeps for 3 to 4 hours solid. I read very quickly so I take that advantage and use it as my mommy time! Lord, it is nice to not watch Winne the Pooh for the 1000th time but take some time for me!

        It was all well done and I am always interested in reading more!

        1. I do remember those sleep times as being re-charge time. My youngest wasn’t too keen on naps though so I often found him asleep all over the place. Kind of cute really as he just stopped and dozed where ever he was. His brother at the same age was more fractious!

          Best get round to sorting my writing out then 🙂

            1. I do that to try and get the reading order right if there are more than one connected together. That and for people who enjoy it to be able to easily find the rest. I figured that was one of my better ideas !!!

  3. I think you know you’re damned good. This as a stand – alone is full of authenticity though from a place of fantasy. Fantasy is one area I struggle to find my cushion… my comfortable spot. I am pleased I visited today, pulled up a chair and peeped through the blades of grass aside a daisy. #FollowItFriday worked today.

    1. Oh my, it’s not for me to pat my own back at all. I am filled with trepidation when putting my writing on here as it’s the readers like you that ultimately decide! (see pressed post by Terry Tyler!!).

      This is part one of a full chapter I put up ages ago. The world it is within is part of a much bigger series I’m working on that crosses time and parallel worlds. Even here Wayland is switching between his plane of existence and another place. I may well put the other parts up again in the group if you wish to see how it pans out. Thank you so much too x

        1. Very true, this one benefits from a full read as if it were a book chapter, which…it is. If you go to the search bar and type in “Dragon Stone” it will deliver unto you the rest of them. Read them from bottom to top to stay in sequence. Dragon Stone itself (this one) is the first and should be at the very bottom of the stack. Hope the rest leave you with the same opinion 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for the accolade. I often cause myself much angst when trying to decide if what I write is any good so it is highly appreciated when someone reads it and takes the time to comment. This is part one of a chapter I put up. I will recycle the others now on the FB group as I suspect many will not have seen it as the membership has grown 🙂

  4. Eloquent and dark, just how I like my writing! Mmm…I think you should decide what you write next, or else it won’t feel right. If it’s just what to put on the blog, I have a soft spot for the Carmichael Brothers

    1. Very generous Noelle and really appreciate your comment. I have a book almost finished with the Carmichaels in. There is a sample from that on here. I do need to maybe complete the short story version for here too although I’m thinking of an overhaul after the current book to turn that into a novel too. Maybe NaNo this year for that exercise. Thank you so much x

  5. Excellent stuff, Gary! While I only planned to peruse this (having bunches of blogs to catch up), in short order you drew me in. Definitely have a wonderful story to build on!

    1. Thank you so much Traci!! If it’s drawn a reader in then I guess that’s about the best accolade I can have…especially when the intention was to have a quick look!!!
      And I so know what you mean about loads of blog catch ups…time the nemesis….these days I’m always behind on that one 😳

    1. Thanks Ritu, I may well share the others again now. This one, as I’ve just said to Marje, is part of a series that got put on hold as it was getting complex. I’m getting close to going back to that now. Once I’ve set my current book into the publishing route…although at present that’s a bit of a conundrum all of its own 😱

  6. You do realise by directing me here you’ll get my honest feedback!! 😛

    You have to remember I’m a simple creature, I’ve not had the time to read a book for the last 4 years.

    You’re clever and misleading, I say that because if someone else had shown me both those excerts I would have said that this and Rowena were written by two different people. I consider that a good skill.

    The first chapter for me is too descriptive (now remember I am an eejit) but still good. It lays the scene but I get a little bogged down in the artsy fartsy of it all. That’s just me, others would slap me senseless because of how skillfully and well crafted it’s written.

    The next bit I like, it draws me in and makes me want to know more, it’s like a hook. I’m not the brightest pixie in the forest though, so my opinions will always be simplistic 🙂

    You have some serious skills. I’d love to be able to write like that.

    So far Rowena the Goth remains my favourite 🙂

    It’s weird you said about the RPG though, I was going to ask you last night if you are a gamer but thought nah, I’m probably off the mark lol

    1. No….not read a book in 4 years?? Terrible time management that lol. Honest feedback is always useful too. I work off the good bad reviews and better than bad good reviews concept. There are two more posts in this series, together they form a full book chapter. The bit you refer to at the start is definitely open for being moved. It’s not part of the “formal” chapter, it’s here just because I thought what the hell, I’ve got an idea to toss out. I’ve never personally thought it belongs at this point, so I do take on board that bit!
      I’ve never considered it as a skill set until now either…weirdly I just start with an idea and stuff just happens…but thank you so much for the reassurance…mood dips flux between its good..it’s crap…on an hourly basis! Rowena is cool yes…I think I’ve got another exerpt from that story on my NaNo winner post. Hmm….sounds like a character meet and greet promotion now….as for gaming, heck…used to do the RPG over a decade ago….now it’s going global on an XBox one 😱

  7. Your characterization, your imagery, the way you captured the essence of autumn, and of course your foreshadowing, weave an amazing tale, my friend. Well done!

    1. Many thanks for taking the time to pop over. Like I said on your blog, I’ve been neglecting friends and it’s just no good, no good at all! Brilliant to see you here too and thank you again for your inspiring feedback. Very much appreciated 😊

    1. Hi Donna, thanks for hopping over from Janice’s meet and greet. She’s actually a good friend of mine now. Very helpful and supportive. Thanks for the comment and taking the time to read my ramblings. I shall, of course, repay the kindness post haste. Thanks for the link !

  8. All I can say is “Wow!” I’m honored to be able to follow a writer as talented as yourself. You are so vivid with your descriptions and your dialogue. I’m a huge fan!

    1. That is a most generous compliment my new friend. Thank you so much, I just hope the follow up later in the week keeps you thinking that!! Really appreciate you not only taking time to read it, but also to comment too. Will pop over to your blog as soon as time says have a coffee !!

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and comment Nandini. It’s truly appreciated. The next part of this is scheduled to go live either Friday or Saturaday this week. It would be wondeful if you could let me know if you feel the story is still on track then 😊

        1. Oh no….that’s no pressure on the telling of the tale then 👻
          Thank you for that too, it’s such a positive statement and I really appreciate it 😊

            1. I hope so, I rather like the way this ones panning out. Trouble is, writing is very subjective. I find stuff I’m not keen on, everybody else likes…by irrational argument that means stuff I like might turn out to be hated by everyone else 😳

              1. I wouldn’t worry too much about that. If something you don’t like is still loved by others, then your passion will show in the things that you do like, which will make your readers love those even more. I find that an author is most effective when he’s writing things that matter to him. 🙂

                1. Very wise words Nandini, as you are probably aware writers often fill up with self doubt, anxiety and terror when throwing something out. Mind you, part of this blogging universe is brilliant for engaging with people and having conversations like this. Meeting new people with like minds and energy. I think you are right though…this one is multilayered. I have another journey going on simultaneous to this in the landscape Wayland will find. The difference is in chronology. Almost everything I write has connections. You might read one piece and think ooh, wasn’t that character in something else too? So pleased you stumbled onto this one 😊

                  1. I really like the fact that your stories flow into each other – such a great idea! I totally understand the self-doubt, anxiety and terror part. Even I was plagued with it before I started blogging. The wonderful comments help a lot in keeping those emotions in check, I’ve found.
                    Also, I think Tara means ‘star’ in most Indian languages. I can vaguely recall a maiden having that name and a myth associated with that, but I’m not sure. If you’re interested in pulling that character in new directions, you can probably check that out. 🙂

                    1. In truth I like the way snippets of Kings Dark Tower can be found in several of his other books. Mine probably flow in a more obvious fashion to those that read things I’ve done. It all stemmed from one short story I wrote about three years ago. From that I wrote a book that’s still sitting waiting to be edited. After that I wrote a separate novel, which is waiting to find a publisher and have several projects that all have commonality, but at the same time could all stand alone. The blogging bit I had too. You’d think I’d know about handling this publishing lark from getting over that!!!
                      I didn’t know about the Indian myth in connection with Tara. That name crops up a lot in Ireland too. I shall have to go investigate that now. Thanks for letting me know about it 😊

                    2. My pleasure! 🙂
                      Well, publishing is a difficult land to navigate I believe. I wouldn’t know. I’m still an “aspiring” writer. But I wish you good luck in your writing journey. May all your wonderful characters see the light of the ‘published’ day! 🙂

                    3. Look on the bright side…if I find a path I can share the route with you when the time comes and you can maybe see the way with less eek! Between now and the possible then, I shall continue to feast this blog with assorted tales from the dark side 😊

                    4. You’re quite welcome, I shared a bloggers views on publishing methods on my Facebook author page. I think my contacts page can take you there if you want to read it. Will also track you back to the blogger that wrote it. Worth following in my opinion 😊
                      Promising yes…just have to live up to that now 💀

  9. Hey you 🙂 Once again you amaze me 🙂 Your dark, evocative descriptive words draw us into each character and have us feeling what they are! I love Wayland and Tara’s story and can’t wait until to write more for them or should I say their voices ring out loud and clear urging you to write 🙂 I love your work and look forward to more, esp as we know Dragons are involved or should I say dragon for now ( you know I love dragons ) and a mage too 🙂

    Bravo my dear friend x

    1. My voices are growing into a cacophony of noise,mwith a good deal of foot tapping as they wait to start dictating. Question is, where or who to start with !! I do think this is one of my better ones. Genre isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I quite like the way it dips into two realities and links with the wizard in Devlins tale walking the same landscape in a different time. Not to mention the other worked linking to the Blacks is wher Rebecca is in her coma….clear isn’t it 🤔

    1. The dark magic, as you call it, is but a snippet at this point. The antagonist is not the nicest thing I’ve created and, like many of my other characters, crops up all over in different guises….spoiler alert ! Next of this is due Friday this coming week. Thank you for the supportive feedback 😊

        1. Well, with this one, it’s a case of hoping what’s in my head has translated into words properly. There is some crossover in time to a wizard who is also traversing the same landscape Wayland is going to be. His goal is an oracle…and the oracle appears in the book that is sitting waiting for a publisher to take interest. In fact, whenever I look at the points that cross connect it all gets quite exciting and I must, under no circumstance, reveal too many spoilers 😱

          1. I am sooooo excited for you…especially when I hear that you are enjoying moments of exhilaration as well….you deserve to revel in the joyful anticipation of your unfolding dream…it’s all coming to pass…all will be revealed in its proper time….this is just all soooooo amazing, Gary….one day we will look back on this and marvel smugly. haha

            1. You should bottle and sell this enthusiasm Truly…it would make you a vast fortune !! Have to admit though, it would be nice to be able to look back and wonder at the stress and worry that goes with uncertainty though!

              Thanks for the positivity once again 😊

    1. Thank you so much for popping ver Christine. I rather thought you might like the idea (writing aside) based on your blog content. Brilliant to meet a horror officianado too 😊

    1. Hi Janice, thanks for commenting and it’s horror, be a bit rubbish if it wasn’t scary methinks….although a comedic horror story might drop scary thinking about it. FYI, I replied to your reply on your meet and greet just now. It refers to the comment notification conundrum

    1. Why thank you Lucy, lovely way to open up the old blog and find a smile appear. Just need to give a publisher the nudge now lol.

      Never saw you as a horror reader though !

          1. Oooh Rachael, between you I rather think not being horror readers and taking the time to comment is possibly a really uber piece of feedback, thank you so much for taking the time to read it. 😊

              1. Oooh, you are in the process of being turned toward the dark side of literature…well maybe not literature…writing is a better descriptor in my case 🙃

                  1. Is there?? A few people have contacted me directly to say it’s kind of conversational. I can’t say I’ve actually thought about it…now I am it might go all pear shaped lol….oh yes….whilst I’m here….pressure thrown back…I’m clear on my reading list so guess who is next 👻

                    1. LOL, don’t even think about. Just keep doing it. Write your big heart out!

                      Great, now I’m all nervous. Just as a warning, one of my reviewers was a guy somewhere in his thirties who knows one of my friends and read the first book. He said he wouldn’t read any more of them, one of the reasons is he didn’t care for it but thought teenage girls would. Ummm…that’s who my target audience actually is…you have been warned! 😉

                    2. You can’t say that and not expect me to overthink to the point of writing gibberish 😱

                      Teenage girls….oh my, this could prove interesting. I shall keep that in mind and opinionate on whether or not I think you have totally hit your target!

                    3. You must allow the words to flow like the tumultuous, raging of a river wild, no bounds to hold you back and the power to reshape the earth. 🙂

                      Ha! You are great!

                    4. #motivationSunday in action. I like the calm reaches of a river, just before the waterfall…places characters feel safe, until round the corner the world collapses. Bit like our conversation….empty silence and then suddenly we’re off again 😊

                    5. One tries….and water is a fascination of mine… In fact I have a few quotes of my own that a friend put onto a chalkboard display! Have to integrate it into writing at every opportunity lol

                    6. I love water. It matches my eyes. Haha actually, I’ve always lived near water, and my mom called me a fish while growing up. There’s something about it that pulls at me.
                      What are these quotes? I’d like to hear them!

                    7. Is that your nickname then, fish lol. I find water a most fascinating thing. I spent most of my youth around water too. I’ll see if I can find the file and maybe put up a reflection type of post 🤔

                    8. I don’t know, oddly enough I find it quite amusing…no idea why. I shall really have to try hard to call you Rachael now 😁

                    9. How neat is that, a unique user nickname! Did you know a chap with the same name fronted one on my childhood favourite bands Marillion?

                    10. Actually, said singer is an amazing lyricist. It’s what drew me to the band. Roll with that sentiment instead 😊

                    11. Any talent would do me mighty fine at the moment 😱 As for yours, well, I’m now reading your first one….

                    12. People keep saying that, but there is deep part of my author mind that rejects it. Why can’t we be rational folk instead of catastrophising to a stand still ???? Fear not, I am reading it from your target audience perspective….I’ve created a teenage girl character who is reading it for me….schizoid or what 😁

                    13. Oh yes, I completely understand, but I will tell you that it’s best to balance your inner critic with the outside voices of peers, friends, and critics. 🙂 You’ll get a better picture. Otherwise, the best choice is to put some duct tape over that inner voice and shove it in a closet somewhere. 😀

                      HA! I am happy to meet your alter reader ego. What’s this girl’s name? Fish?

                    14. In truth I need to put all those thoughts inside a big crate and bury them! Although that didn’t work with the Jumanji box thinking about it 🤔
                      No, that’s just her nickname 👻

    1. Thank you so much Andrea, this one does get challenging later as our blacksmith flips between worlds as he drops in and out of consciousness. It’s excellent to know my mind is not alone in weirdness top 😳

    1. Thank you Sarah, I thought you might like it if you managed to see it through the myriad of posts flipping down your reader. I’ve seen a lot of yours and I thought you might like the darker tales. Probably rolling the next part in the coming week. Friday in fact!

      1. For the people I follow, I read every post that comes through my reader. Now, the reader doesn’t always show me posts, so if I miss anything, be sure to let me know! 😊

        1. I try to, but it’s really hard lately. Post are flying down my reader so fast I think I miss more than I see. I’m in the process of creating lists on my reader to try and make some sort of order to things. It was easy before when nobody followed me and I had no posts here to monitor lol. I never expected this much interest in my humble ramblings either! I will definitely let you know if you aren’t one of the first to comment in future….just in case 😊 💐💐

    I was very pleased to see your post 🙂
    Right. Well, this is haunting and atmospheric, I like the traditional name and occupation of Wayland. I can see wreaths of mystery and horror floating across this man’s path…the description put me in mind of Edgar Allen Poe…
    Yep, great piece of writing 🙂

    1. You know, I always post and think will Sarah be the first to react. I felt terrible last week when the non story related post went up. I could almost feel your eyes rolling in disgust!!
      I tried to match the name and the myth together. Sarah Spinlow was real too and her fate was as described in the text in the witch trials. Very macabre era that. Waylands journey is still in its infancy. I have several trails with other people testing roads to see where the right path for book two in this is heading. The one I’m trying to publish now holds part of the key even though it’s a totally stand alone separate book. It’s all quite exciting really.
      And Edgar Allen Poe… Absolutely one of my favourites… You are most kind indeed….now, if it were up to you…more of this or the other one with the brothers Carmichael ??

      Thank you 💐

      1. That’s like asking me milk or white chocolate! ( I love both btw..)
        Lol…no I was pleased to hear you were ok story or no story! I like the taster of this book because there’s a lot of authorly scope in the history and trials, etc.
        However, I have a fondness for the brothers, and Elisabeth, actually, who could be useful as the “informant” on the other side…
        Can’t I be greedy and have both…?

        1. Lol, I expected you to stay in genre and say dark chocolate too! My break was one of those bah ones when confidence dips for no reason whatsoever. I just mentioned in another reply, the antagonist here is multifarious…like many of my characters It appears in many places, in many guises… Personally speaking, I thought this one flows better as you move through it than the brothers. As for both…well, I guess it would be a bit rubbish if either were not run to completion yes?

          1. Would you say the antagonist is a personification of aspects of your own character? Just curious…I think both stories need telling. You are an author with a voice that needs to be heard 🙂

            1. Interesting question. Part of it is a character I rode with during online post for post RPG. I was told back then (15 years or so) that I should write a book because the character role read like a story. I also have a whim that an antagonist should not be easily dispatched and be a true intelligectual. I also have a gothic mindset so….maybe it is in part. Although to write a character you kind of have to become it….which, on reflection is a bit scary 😱
              I think you may be right too. Both need to be told. Even if it is just for closure on the projects !! Thank you so much 😊

                1. I know…and the pressure is terrible…extricating them in one piece is most tricky! Have to admit, I never considered that they must both survive this plot until you mentioned a series a paranormal quests !!!

                  1. Sorry…but that would be an amazing series 🙂 and then you could consider Elisabeth as their helper between worlds…just a thought…as always, looking forward to your next post :)x

                    1. Good grief, you now think Elisabeth is cool too!! At this rate I won’t feel comfortable doing anyone in!!! I rather think this banter is beginning to eek out the mojo to return to their world again! You are most generous and a pleasure to discuss things with. Thank you 😊

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