Take control of what you can control (Boost Your Soul) ~ Dreampack

Patty over at Dreampack offers wise words on mindfulness and mental well being. While beta reading my latest WIP, a line struck her and guided her to this excellent post.


Patty Writes

Breaking old habits and patterns isn’t easy. Life can throw stuff at you, you just can’t control and you might feel lost, even feel out of control. Giving in to darkness, could however become to comfortable. I answered this to Katherin’s question ‘How do you love yourSELF ?’ Pay attention to your body, for instance, if […]

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Source: Take control of what you can control (Boost Your Soul) ~ Dreampack


The WIP referred to is Black Marsh, a completed first draft and sequel to The Bequest. Both some way off publishing, but destined to be so one day.







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  1. Hi Patty. Taking control of what can be controlled and letting be what cannot is very stoic. But I like to emphasize the active side (what can be controlled) rather than to focus on the passive side (“excuses” for what (seemingly) can’t be controlled). Thanks for sharing. Take care!

    1. Very good point Mathias. Too many roll over events that have happened and don’t let them go which then impedes control of the future. Low mood certainly feeds reasons (aka excuses) to not change an outlook or do things. Like you I feel the active side needs emphasis in combating it.

      Great comment!

        1. Also very true Mathias. This is an area many posts could form from. I did read somewhere that if comments engage and are well considered then the source of a post is being fledged.

          For many I feel supportive posts on the subject of mental well being can be invaluable.

    1. Just a work in progress cover wise, but I’m going to hazard a guess and suggest you won’t love the content lol

  2. Hi Gary, thank you again for the share 🙂
    Not just one good line, a whole good BOOK and get it edited and published, will you?!??!
    By the way…if that is the cover in the photograph, fabulous and very fitting the story.
    Big hug,

    1. My pleasure Patty and again apologies for not notifying you when it went live. I assumed it would ping back. Ought to know by now…never assume anything here!

      That cover is probably just my temporary one. When it gets to the publishing stage it will probably get a professionals eye on the job.

      Thank you for your kind words and for reading it too x

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