Take control of what you can control (Boost Your Soul) ~ Dreampack

Patty over at Dreampack offers wise words on mindfulness and mental well being. While beta reading my latest WIP, a line struck her and guided her to this excellent post. Continue reading “Take control of what you can control (Boost Your Soul) ~ Dreampack”

Author Spotlight; Niki Meadows Book Cover Reveal


Wage War On Your Mind & Fight For Your Life is the debut book by Niki Meadows; an autobiographical account of how she beat seventeen years of depression and turned her life into a shining example of positivity. Continue reading “Author Spotlight; Niki Meadows Book Cover Reveal”

Inspirational Kindness

Author: G. Jefferies




And so ends week six of the Niki Lopez Kindness challenge. Another thoughtful exercise into people that have been inspirational influences on life. This has been a challenge in itself. So many and how to condense them into one post! Continue reading “Inspirational Kindness”

Gratitude in Kindness

Author: G. Jefferies




Welcome to my week five musings on Niki Lopez’s kindness challenge. I’ve decided to focus on gratitude and what it means in my world. To wit you are now embarking, as I, in a journey upon the empty page as it fills with whatever. I am, however, grateful for your presence. Continue reading “Gratitude in Kindness”

The Bequest. Ade and Rowena

Author: G. Jefferies

Adrian “Ade” Johnston was a bright kid that mixed with the wrong ones after his parents took their eye off the ball. Easy to do moving from toddler through to adolescence. Those days are cute. Maybes not at the time but looking back Pamela and Carl figured those were the times before “Get out of my bubble” and “What do you know” appeared. Continue reading “The Bequest. Ade and Rowena”

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