Guest Submission: Excerpt from “The Bequest.”




Source: Guest Submission: Excerpt from “The Bequest.”

Michael at Inkowlme recently ran a series of guest submissions during August. This was mine, a short excerpt from a work in progress.

“Joseph Carmichael formed one third of a paranormal society membership. Nay, a fellowship. Not quite the same as Tolkien’s that set off as a company of nine from Rivendell, but three was divisible into nine so there were clearly mysteries in numbers that defied rationale. The Fellowship of The Three sat well. Musketeers they were not.”

Read the full post using the source link above.

I’m also aware that Michael might be repeating this guest submission run in the near future. I will be sharing any information on that as soon as it appears.






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    • You are so kind and my apologies for not frequenting your lovely blog more often. That said, I’ve not been frequenting mine as much as I should either!! A few of these are in my current manuscript where they are finding trouble in more ways than one. Very much tied in with the paranormal brothers series I ran on here about a year ago too. In fact, I may turn that into a sequel πŸ™‚

      Thank you so much for the encouraging words!

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