Guest Submission: Excerpt from “The Bequest.”




Source: Guest Submission: Excerpt from “The Bequest.”

Michael at Inkowlme recently ran a series of guest submissions during August. This was mine, a short excerpt from a work in progress.

“Joseph Carmichael formed one third of a paranormal society membership. Nay, a fellowship. Not quite the same as Tolkien’s that set off as a company of nine from Rivendell, but three was divisible into nine so there were clearly mysteries in numbers that defied rationale. The Fellowship of The Three sat well. Musketeers they were not.”

Read the full post using the source link above.

I’m also aware that Michael might be repeating this guest submission run in the near future. I will be sharing any information on that as soon as it appears.





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    1. So kind Patty and I have a few snippets from it on here now too. It’s been a tricky write too. If you remember the paranormal brothers then this includes them, but set before the series on here with the third brother who doesn’t feature in those. Thank you so very much 😊

  1. Gary, as always, your characters and the tangled webs they weave are a delight. Congrats on the Guest Post. Keep the terrific content coming. πŸ™‚

    1. You are so kind and my apologies for not frequenting your lovely blog more often. That said, I’ve not been frequenting mine as much as I should either!! A few of these are in my current manuscript where they are finding trouble in more ways than one. Very much tied in with the paranormal brothers series I ran on here about a year ago too. In fact, I may turn that into a sequel πŸ™‚

      Thank you so much for the encouraging words!

            1. Maybe I should do it as one of those adventure book things where the reader can choose options that all link to different pages with different outcomes. That way you could ensure each has safe passage πŸ˜‡

                1. Half a packet?? Are you certain these headaches are not overindulgence??? Mind you, cookies are very moreish πŸ€”

                  I have no idea, it was the first time I’ve thought about those. It just word associated in out of nowhere after your comment! Must look into this now!

                  1. Lol lol! Fair point! However, with the big and chunky cookies you only get eight in a pack, so technically, I have only eaten four…

                    I think those options books could stand looking into…they were good fun and also another side to the publishing market.Would there be gap in the market for them…did you see Marje’s book launch? Looked for you at the party but you weren’t there..πŸ˜’πŸŽ‰

                    1. Define big lol. If they are a kilo each then I stand by my comment πŸ˜‰

                      They do still exist, I checked on Amazon; that great emporium of all things bookish; excluding Kindle ones, they are not bookish, more electronicish, I prefer real pages myself πŸ™‚

                    2. Lol…there’s a place here that sells cookies the size of dinner plates…πŸͺπŸͺ!! But no…these cookies are standard size if a little thicker.

                      And yes, I like a real book, but Kindles purchases do have the advantage of instant gratification…lol…I am planning a post for next week and I seem to be beset by double entendres! 😸

                    3. Gosh, I’d like ne of those right now! Have my coffee and alas no good dunking material!

                      Kindles do have their uses, out and about or on trips/holiday. But at home I rather find page turning more tactile and solid. Odd really as I site on a machine lol

                    4. Addendum; no, I was not around for that unfortunately; although I am going to do a spotlight on her on the lead up the paperback edition being released. We have already been in discussion upon this very matter πŸ™‚

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