#BlogBattle is Back. Are You a Writer? Then Step inside and Spin us a Yarn Before Winter Sets in.


Join us in the monthly #BlogBattle. Trade your word-craft with like-minded writers. Engage with new blogs, cast in your support and get writing. Post your story to your blog then link it to the prompt post or in the comments and we’ll add it to the list!

Remember 1000 words is an upper limit, not a target. The prompt can be the subject or inspiration. All we ask is that the word appears somewhere.



August 2018 Blog Battle Entries


“What is the Moon Made of?” by Geoff Lepard

“To the Moon and Back” by Melanie A. Peters

“Moon” by Carrie-Anne Thomas

“The Romantic Camping Holiday” by Lucy Mitchell

“Treatment” by The Dark Netizen

“One More Round” by David M. Williamson

“My Silver Lady” by Anita Dawes & Jaye Marie

Guardians Run by MJ Noduh



Who’s next? Post your story by the 30th to have it added here!

Read. Share. Encourage. Enjoy!



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27 thoughts on “#BlogBattle is Back. Are You a Writer? Then Step inside and Spin us a Yarn Before Winter Sets in.

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    1. And why not! Any writing is writing and being part of a community that embraces it is rather cool in my humble opinion 😊

    1. My apologies! I’ve ended up a bit behind catching up with comments this week. Will be sure to pop over and read it ASAP. Brilliant you’ve decided to give it a go too 😊

            1. Me too! Although I think I’m starting with a piece I did ages ago that needs a tweak to get me going on a WIP I thought about in April. 🤔

    1. Thanks Suzanne. I’ve read them all so far and am amazed at the different approaches. Short stories I have struggled with. They always seem to move toward larger projects. This makes it tricky to wind up. You’re absolutely right though. Reading them does create an interesting way to learn the art. I bet you see familiar faces in the comments too. I’ve seen a few from our blogging group already!

        1. Agreed, I think you can join too many and lose sight of your own blog following if not careful. Has to be balance. I joined this one as an admin simply because I love writing. It’s what my blog is about after all!! Many I do are actually when it’s convenient for me rather than absolutely every week. Helps me keep pace with life outside the blog 🤔

    1. Yay, thanks Esmé. I’ve been working on solutions to it this last week so will be drafting a walk through tomorrow. I hope I can get it posted ASAP and use it on your FB group as I know you do Mix share days now and then 😊

      1. Thank you sooooooooo much Gary. Would love that! Our next Mix day would be 24 August. If ready by then this will be an awesome one. Why not also add it to this upcoming weeks Senior Salon share? Some more exposure for the post.

        1. Really hope it will be ready by then!! Can certainly add it to the salon share too. Although a break has left me seeing a lot of new things going on I’m not 100% sure about in terms of how they work. Your senior salon is one I’ve been meaning to jump into!

          1. Gary do you mean how the Senior Salon works? Well all you need to do would be to go the the weekly link (published every Monday at 2am Vancouver Canada time) and post will remain open until Friday at 8pm. You can share a link during that time each week, but on the specific post for that week. At the bottom you will find a blue link and then just follow the prompts, as easy as pie, you will be able to do it!! Let me know Monday when they new doors open for next week if you need anything more. Once you added your link, and return to the post you will be able to see your link, if you wish to check and then you can also see all other posts shared. BTW if not ready this week, then next time, but please share any of your other posts weekly at Senior Salon.

            1. Thank you Esmé. I’ll give it a try this week with a post and roll the Mix one next week. That way I can give it full exposure wrapping over the weekend and into the following week. If I have a senior moment and get stuck I’ll shout out to you for help.

    1. It’s actually quite fun to do. The name is from its previous incarnation where the stories were voted on to find a winner each week. After a break it was reconvened and we moved it to once a month with open genre and decided to leave voting out and just take the stories to build a community. Each month a blogger will be chosen to interview and shout out. That’s likely to random and on rotation. Give it a go Rachael and I just bet you will already know some of those trying it out 😊😂

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