An open invitation to all Bloggers

Source: An open invitation to all Bloggers


Esme from cookandenjoy recipes recently posted a call to action;


                   Open invitation to all Bloggers in the Blogosphere



I’m all for cross promoting and social networking so this is a great time to big up a friend who is creating a list of bloggers with their links to social media outlets. If you need connections then hop over, get your sites linked and explore some of the wonderful blogs on offer.

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  1. If you have not had the opportunity or time as yet, this invitation is still open and will remain open, so please hop over and connect and I will add you to the growing list. We already have a great selection of bloggers you can visit.

  2. Hi,
    If she is a cooking blogger and I am a blogging tips blogger, should I still send my social media links since we are not in the same niche?
    That is nice you were trying to help her.

    1. Esme is building a networking list of anyone that wants to link up. I know she is food blogger and has some great recipes, but the current list is not food specific. I joined to find people that might not be on my networks. Once I’ve got the blog sorted I’m hoping to reach out more 😊

  3. Hi Gary – Thank you so much for sharing – Sharing is Caring and Share and Inspire Others! that my motto. I truly hope your followers will hop over, follow TRH (Cook&Enjoy) and then share their linking information which I will publish. Once again, Thank you so much.

    1. Same here! This year I’ve made more effort to share posts rather than just like and comment. Obviously time impacts that to some extent, but if I read something I like it takes no time to hit one of the share icons. Can’t think why I never did that before !!!!!

    1. Oooh… was only this week I spotted Janice in several other places and expunged the clone theorem…Your name was mentioned and she threw up your blog link with no delay at all!!! This avatar is possibly temporary; I may put the pic on a new bio and go with my magic book one instead as that is prevalent on my other social media !!

      1. My bad! I’ve been considering a blog re-theme and harmonising my profile across all the social media platforms. This avatar is the one on them so it seemed a better thing to do now. Been running some author spotlights Janice….you up for one ??

    1. I’ve joined a couple of Facebook groups too that have fabulous blogger communities and sharing link ups. I’m becoming more aware of these sorts of things now and have met loads of excellent bloggers/friends too. 😊

      1. I find that I am struggling to keep up with more than one or two communities in my schedule. I know they are sooooooo helpful, but I never want to be the slacker in the group so I am slow to join.

        1. Most are very supportive of life and pressures you know. Generally they say just share two or three and not every single post that pops up. I think that allows you to pick posts from like minded people that fit your blogger niche. I’ve not encountered any that insist full participation…and if I do then I’m unlikely to stay!! No harm in trying though yes?

            1. Would you believe…that is my albatross. High barriers that, if I’m not sure I’ve reached, prohibit things. Must try and unlearn that !!

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