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Twitter Hashtags. Are You Using Them Correctly to Maximise Traffic? ~ Esme Salon

Twitter Hashtags. Are You Using Them Correctly to Maximise Traffic? If not, then you need to read this post. Added content here, Follow to Unfollow tackled.

Worried About Traffic Referrals? It Might Be That Your Strategies Need A Rethink.

Thoughts on strategies to improve followings on social media and improve traffic referral.

Stumble Upon Replaced By Time To Add The New Share Button To Your WordPress Blog

Stumble Upon has now closed and the developers have now developed to replace it. Here’s how to add a Mix Share Button to your WordPress blog.

Warning; Theme Change Imminent. A Journey Through Cognitive Dissonance.

To do, or not to do? That is the question. I have pondered long and hard about improving the look of this blog and making things easier to find. In a few days it might look very broken so no laughing please…

2018 Blogger Bash Award Nominations – Voting Now Open. #BloggersBash

If you can read this then you can VOTE for your favourite bloggers in nine categories. No excuses, just do it!

This Is Why Seasonal Blogging Factors Never Have to Be the Kiss of Death, 12 Tips

New bloggers often find traffic hard to generate. Even seasoned ones might see fluctuations as their following grows. First published on Mostly Blogging, Janice and I explored why early progress might seem empty.

Guest Submissions Needed!

Source: Guest Submissions Needed! My good friend Michael over at The Ink Owl is looking for authors to feature their work during August this year. I say “authors” loosely, because it is open to absolutely anyone that would like a piece of their writing featured on his blog.

Opportunity to Share

Source: Blogging From the Bloggers Perspective; by Melanie Peters     Recently my good friend Melanie from  gave a talk in Osage County Library, Missouri, about blogging and, more importantly, about motivational goals and intent (the source word for her blog title).

An open invitation to all Bloggers

Source: An open invitation to all Bloggers   Esme from cookandenjoy recipes recently posted a call to action;                      Open invitation to all Bloggers in the Blogosphere   I’m all for cross promoting and social networking so this is a great time to big up a friend who is creating a list of bloggers with their links to social media outlets. If you need connections then hop over, get your sites linked and explore some of the wonderful blogs on offer.