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Wage War On Your Mind & Fight For Your Life is the debut book by Niki Meadows; an autobiographical account of how she beat seventeen years of depression and turned her life into a shining example of positivity.

The book is due for release toward the end of April. Here I am proud to reveal the official book cover in it’s entirety.

Cover (final)

For those of you that don’t know Niki’s story too well, then this is a fabulous opportunity to see the person behind the blog.

It’s all too easy to look at a successful blogger discussing mindfulness and kindness without considering the journey that led to what you see today on The Richness of a Simple Life. This is an evolving end product from seventeen years fighting inner demons.

Her book takes us from a singular moment where, if not for a quirk of fate or faith, the outcome could have been so much worse. It is a spiritual journey, as much as a blueprint, about how she coped and developed strategies to rebuild her confidence and self-esteem to become a women’s worthiness and authenticity coach. In this capacity she acts as a mentor for people trying to find their sense of worth in a world that often rushes past so fast it is easy to feel left behind.

She is clear, right from the very start, that if you are suffering from mental health issues then this book will not replace prescribed treatments or advice from the medical profession. It is there to demonstrate that, with the right tactics and determination, it is possible to beat depression.

About the Author (2)

Niki has not only written a ten chapter book, packed with hints and tips about her own blueprint, but also purposed a blog dedicated to helping other people and promoting positive thinking. I urge you to get to know the author’s site and link up with a like minded community.

In fact why not engage in one of her annual projects that starts in May too; The Kindness Challenge (link at the bottom). This brings together people wanting to challenge themselves to improve how they think or feel and use kindness to promote personal well-being and inner calm.

Lastly a reminder; if you do suffer from low mood or MH issues then you are not alone; find professional help or join in and mix with those who have either beaten it, are in recovery or are starting the journey. They have all been where you might be now, so take hope.


Further Information About the Author

Book Release News

2017 Kindness Challenge

The Richness of a Simple Life

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  1. Wow…this is just gorgeous and does Niki’s hard work proud….how wonderful of you, Gary….and, congratulations to Niki!!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. She a very impressive person wrt moving from a very bad place to where she is now. I had the privilege of beta reading this and it’s a remarkable story of her progress and how she tackled depression. I’m sure she will appreciate your kind words 😊

  2. Gary, beautifully done – what a wonderful way to reveal the book cover. Niki, so proud of your journey and where you are at now… and what is yet to come. Wishing you great success with the launch of your book (by success I mean not only sales but getting your message out into the world and impacting lives – which I know is most important to you).

    1. Thank you so much Eva for a lovely supportive comment. I may well continue with author spotlights now thanks to Niki too. I will point her at your comment. Totally with you on the sentiment as well. The message is the real success criteria. MH needs more awareness and understanding for sufferers. Having read the book myself, I look at Niki now and think how amazing and strong she is to be where she is now.

      1. I think the author spotlight is a great idea. Yes, there needs to be more awareness when it comes to depression and I believe Niki’s book is going to be a great tool. Keep up the positive posts Gary. Thank you.

        1. Thank you Eva, really appreciate the positive support. Have you looked at Niki’s Kindness Challenge at all; starts next month. Sharing in that does reach outwards and can help to raise awareness of kindness and mindfulness; both of which are essential to MH and well being.

    1. Thank you Patty, it’s an amazing story too. Especially if you look at Niki now. I think anyone meeting her for the first time would never know the backstory that created the person behind the blogging success. I’ll post again when she announces the release date and where it can be found. Feel free to share too. It’s a good message in these times and anything that helps bring the stigma out of depression should be shouted out for sure. I’m sure Niki will appreciate your support too xx

      1. It is indeed an amazing story. Visited her blog/website already 😉
        Well…great minds think alike they say. Posted a compilation about this topic myself last week.

        1. Excellent stuff Patty. Did you decide on the kindness challenge? It’s not only a self exploration, but a great place to meet new bloggers and link up with their posts. I’ll pop over and take a look at your post tomorrow x

                1. Eek, I try hard not to remember the number of decades!!! That takes me back to days before the Internet was even there 😱

    1. Thank you Samantha…no procrastinating there methinks. Actually bit of a life lesson really. Major kudos to Niki 😊

  3. Thank you so much for such a beautiful post revealing the cover. I appreciate your ongoing support and friendship. <3

    1. I’m so glad you liked it Niki. All a bit nerve wracking when it’s a big thing for a friend. Now don’t forget to share it all over. My media outlets will be doing that over the next week or so 😊

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