#BlogBattle: Moon

Calling all writers and wordsmiths. Blog Battle is back so come join our community and see where the prompts take you.

Let’s face it, any writing is better than no writing. If the WIP is draining the will to drink coffee, step out and try something totally different.

Engage with authors and writers and the rewards will speak for themselves.

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    1. Good grief….it’s Melinda! Hmm, that would make a good blog post title! How long ago was that post though…2016! The very year I started blogging and encountered Janice on her Meet and Greets. Talk about time slipping at a rate I’m none to pleased about!

      I think I’m still alive yes! Must be or I’m a ghost in the machine, or a machine in a machine with A.I. masquerading as me. #Matrix.

      So good to see you still alive and kicking!

  1. Okay Gary, you put out a challenge I will do my best to step up to the plate . Am I reading this right you promote this blog battle , am I right you and take part, but it is another site that runs it … P.S. Amelia reminded me from you can always start now. A gem she is.

          1. Have you noticed whenever the urge to write occurs someone or something has a second sense just waiting to run interference? Here it’s kids lol

    1. Excellent Ellen. There are a few bloggers doing it you may well know already. Rachael Ritchey originally set this up a few years ago, but it got pushed to the side. After much cajoling from me it’s been resurrected to run once a month this time and move away from voting for the “best” story. That’s often subjective and the new aim is to open up a writers community to proactive, share, support and engage. I am promoting it yes, but more because I’m now an admin of the BlogBattle itself. It has its own page and we post outside it to give it greater exposure.

      Thank Amelia for me too. Definitely on my favourite bloggers list too 😊

    1. Thanks Marje. Been a while since I’ve been active here. Hoping to get back on it soon though and this is something I’m helping administer. Some people you already know are already writing! Be great to see you involved too 😊 x

        1. I hear you. It’s one reason it was moved to once a month. A lot of writers find time eaten by other things. It gives more breathing room. We’ve scheduled 12 prompts so you might find time varies and another month easier. 😊x

    1. Ooh, I’ll bookmark and take a look this weekend! So nice to hear from you again too. Is this a piece you might launch into the Blog Battle or are you just practicing!

      It’s always nice to hear some of my posts inspire people too. So thank you once again!

        1. I’ve just spotted it there and been over! Keep this up Melanie. Writing outside a genre favourite can be challenging and helps develop skills. Good practice too. Oh, and lovely engaging with loads of new people.

            1. Hopefully this will grow again now. We need the word spreading to develop a really good community of writers.

              Really pleased you decided to have a go too. It can be scary showcasing thus sort of thing. X

    1. Excellent Patty. It’s always a good place to test writing and meet new people. Or, engage them in a different way. I’m hoping to gather some thoughts this weekend, totally catch up on social media notifications and start the new week with some word craft. Have a great weekend if I don’t hear from you before xx

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