2018 Blogger Bash Award Nominations – Voting Now Open. #BloggersBash

If you can read this then you can VOTE for your favourite bloggers in nine categories. No excuses, just do it!

Just in case anyone wasn’t aware of the Bash itself (and it happens), it’s a real live event held at a London venue where bloggers from all over the world meet and get to know each other in person. All very exciting so here are the links to learn more.

About the 2018 Bash

Award nominations and GET voting here

This year I have been nominated in the Hidden Gem category. I believe blame can be thrown quite clearly at;

Ritu over at But I Smile Anyway

Why not pop over and have a look at her blog. One of last years winners and also nominated again this year for Best Overall Blogger.




The criteria

Have you stumbled upon a blog by chance and discovered useful information or thought-provoking content? Is there a blog that doesn’t get the notoriety they deserve? Maybe they have such an original style you can’t help but read their posts. A blogger who you believe should get the limelight for a change is who deserves the Hidden Gem award.


The Categories

There are some seriously good blogs out there. Many occupy slots on the voting form. These are by no means definitive. The number of blogs is growing every year and many bloggers have yet to be discovered by those aware of the Bash.

Much of this is down to engagement and interacting with other people. Many have been blogging for several years too.

Contrary to popular (non-blogger) belief, blogging is hard work and time-consuming to do properly. Nominations reflect that. Of course, at the same time it is a highly rewarding experience. How many other things allow you to get to know people from every corner of the world?




The Voting – taken from Sacha Blacks post.

Voting closes at midnight on April 30th (BST).

Winners will be announced on May 19th at the Bash in London. If you can’t make it along to the event don’t worry, we will put a winners post out on the evening of the same day and we will also try to live stream from our Facebook Group. Although we have pingbacks to all the winners blogs it would be best for you to check back to see if you won.

TO THE VOTERS – Choose carefully, you can only vote ONCE per award. There are 9 awards (so this is a long post). Yes, you can vote in each category, but only vote once in every one.


I am tremendously honoured to have been nominated amongst such fine fellow bloggers. Just getting onto the list in the first place is #awesome and a privilege. I have one thing to say…




Now get over to the voting link and get involved

Even if you aren’t going. Its your blogosphere and anyone connected to it can cast a vote

Even it you choose not to then there are some awesome blogs listed that are well worth a visit.


And my final words are…

HIDDEN GEM… just saying !








26 thoughts on “2018 Blogger Bash Award Nominations – Voting Now Open. #BloggersBash

Add yours

    1. Thank you. Not really expecting much mind as blogging is a by-product of writing and not the other way round…

      It also seems many of my fellow bloggers don’t recognise my URL. They see my logo first…which works from a branding perspective I guess lol

    1. Would love to Graeme, just not sure I’m available yet. Lots going on and although it’s a weekend both my kids are doing major exams this year. I’ll see if I can adjust schedules though (mine, not theirs!)

      1. And apparently there’s a wedding and a football match on that day too. But it’s a great event if you can make it (the Bash, not the wedding or football match)…

        1. I’ve heard nothing but fabulous feedback on the bash Graeme. Better than great I hear, which is a tremendous credit to the whole committee. Someone needs to stick up awards for you lot being on it!

  1. Argh!! Gary I am so sorry! I didn’t spot your blog name when i wrote my post about all the awesome blogs. I’ll add you to it when I get home. Hopefully that will get you some extra votes. <3

    You are in another tough category but you totally deserve to win!

    p.s. This is really bad, but i have never noticed your blog name. In my head it is just Gary's sotries. (I recognize it from the colours, rather than the name!) Anyway, now I've spotted the url I think it's a brilliant name!!

    1. Lol, I wasn’t going to say anything…just take umbrage in silence and vote for you 😂😂

      I was late in putting up my post, the A to Z is dominating time so no harm done. In truth I’m not expecting much. The nomination is awesome in the first place! I’m a writer who blogs, as opposed to a blogger who writes (novels that is…all bloggers are actually writers).

      As for the blog name… actually it’s good you recognise it by colours. It means I have a branding logo!! #positivespin.

      Thank you for your kind words and don’t feel bad. It’s totally OK and easily done when lists have such excellent blogs on. As you say, I wonder how many people actually know me by the blog name lol 💖

      1. I wonder if there is anyone else that didn’t realize it was you!? I’m going to tell Katie, so she can add you to her post too. 🙂

        1. I suspect nearly everyone. I bet if you ran a poll on BUYB virtually none would know my blog name off the top of their heads! Mind you, my post rate isn’t too high so I frequent notifications probably don’t help!

          Thank you though…it is very much appreciated 😊

    1. Thanks Hayley, not expecting much because I don’t blog regularly. If I did then I’d never write anything lol.

      You are most kind too. Obviously that’s why I voted for you 😂

  2. Congratulations dear Gary ! I already noticed your name between other fab bloggers/writers 🙂
    Question about the Alphabet: The first part in the posts are snippets of books by others and the second part are ‘spoilers’ of your own work?

    1. Many thanks again Patty. It was a bit of a shock considering I’m a writer who blogs rather than a blogger who writes. There are long breaks from here if I’m working on a project as you well know.

      Re the challenge, everything is my work. It spans four manuscripts and material on my blog or notes I have for other ideas. Nobody else’s work. Any references to “Book” are fictitious ones that rest inside my own worlds. All the snippets are mine to. It’s tricky as I’m using it to go through my work and refresh my mind on it via the Amanuensis. He’s a new character that was supposed to be a narrator looking at the whole lot trying to make sense if it. The challenge is now becoming a mini storyline of its own.

      1. Ok..thank you for answering, but I think I am even more confused know. But that is no real issue, since I don’t want to read the snippets and thus spoiler. I rather wait for the finished books 🙂 No pressure, hihi

        1. I don’t think you will see any spoilers in this Patty. It’s deliberately done to expose characters and places, not to give anything away. Teasers if you like, also the narrator is now the real story here. Threading things and asking questions from his perspective as a new entity. Almost all bits of writing are on my blog somewhere too. The actual manuscripts are well guarded!

    1. Part of the honours Ritu! Shouting out fellow bloggers 😊

      Being nominated is my reward. There are some really good bloggers out there 😇

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