Warning; Fictionisfood.com Theme Change Imminent. A Journey Through Cognitive Dissonance.

To do, or not to do? That is the question. I have pondered long and hard about improving the look of this blog and making things easier to find. In a few days it might look very broken so no laughing please… Continue reading


2018 Blogger Bash Award Nominations – Voting Now Open. #BloggersBash

If you can read this then you can VOTE for your favourite bloggers in nine categories. No excuses, just do it!
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Computer Say Yes

Author: G. Jefferies





A new blog friend suggested trying this daily prompt thing over the weekend. Not for me thought I, but up popped the word contrast this very morning. By sheer coincidence last week the relevant parts required to make Computer Say Yes arrived on Friday and it seemed only right to write the antithesis rant to last weeks post Computer Say No. Perfect contrast methinks. Continue reading

Computer Say No

Author: G. Jefferies




Catastrophising is a word I encountered recently in a mindfulnes course. Full application on internal mental WFT arrived last Eve when Windows 10 popped up a nugget of information saying your data drives stuffed, back it up pronto because I’m not turning on again until it’s fixed. Continue reading