Opportunity to Share

Source: Blogging From the Bloggers Perspective; by Melanie Peters


Successful Share


Recently my good friend Melanie from Intentergy.com  gave a talk in Osage County Library, Missouri, about blogging and, more importantly, about motivational goals and intent (the source word for her blog title).

Not specifically to an audience that might want to blog, but to use blogging as a model whereby sharing what you do can build networks that facilitate further growth.

The talk was about empowering people to identify things that are important,, sharing them with others and discovering ways to continue growing. In doing so further opportunities will present themselves to you. A demonstration that, with the right ambitions and direction, people can achieve things that might seem difficult.

I’m rather proud that Melanie was able to use my blog along with conversations we’ve had as part of her message.

I’d urge you to visit her blog and read more about her talk and consider the message it gives as something that might throw positive spin and urge any wavering goals to come back to focus.


“The coolest element to sharing my Intentergy experience is that I have the chance to ask people what their intent is. What is it that they want to make happen?” – Melanie Peters.


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