Not Quite a Meet and Greet…



This is to all my fine readers and followers; accolades, apology and an invitation to network far and wide…



Praise where it’s due and anyone taking the time to read this has got to be worthy of that, purely on the grounds of endurance. I have accrued new followers and friends on various social media platforms, without whom I would not be here now with the big shiny ‘thanks’ image above. They say, “A picture paints a thousand words,” so I shall say no more and simply share a quote from JFK.


“We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.”


This is me making time in this post to thank you.



I know some might be here to seek the next instalment of my writing; be it new, or a continuation of the paranormal brothers whose plight hangs in the balance during the last instalment;

Elisabeth Awakens

I will apologise to you first because, no doubt the post notification lured you in under false pretences. I proffer the excuse of a two week hiatus to a dark place inhabited with new ideas and an urge to redo an older post for the new, and old, audiences that may have missed it.

To everyone else;

Bloggers that have followed me recently that I have not returned the favour to, I blame time. There is not enough to keep up. It is not a deliberate sleight and I will, in a moment of mindfulness attempt to catch up. The easy way is to just hit ‘follow’. I find that disrespectful if you have invested time to find my rambles and link up.

Facebook author followers; you are a divine bunch for liking my page. Like here it has been neglected. Accept my apologies; the authors mind is quite inside itself at times. Sometimes good, often sinking under the auspices of ‘This sucks,’ and always wandering in strange worlds.

Twitter; mad bunch you are. I have yet to work out how it all functions. Retweets on…

The Monks of War

…are awesome. No idea how to go about thanking individuals for that yet. I see ‘Thanks for the RT’ all over, but my notifications seem not to be overly helpful on an iPad, apart from saying tweets have been re-tweeted. One day it will make sense; Lists are next. I’m not ignoring you; just in ignorance of the ways of being a Twit; although phrased like that I suspect I am, in fact, a Grand Master!



By way of thanks to anyone from anywhere feel free to link up with me at the following places.

Blog; fictionisfood

Twitter; @GaryJefferies10

Facebook; fictionisfood

GooglePlus; Gary Jefferies


By return if you wish to network feel free to comment, share or link in below.

More importantly LEAVE YOUR LINKS

Shameless self promotion in action.

Terrible really after the opening gambit of an apology for absentia!!



Finally, this is for you dear reader. There will be something from the dark places by weeks end. If I can find the mojo, then we shall see if the Brothers Carmichael can be added to. How long that might take depends on whether other voices wish to share their tales.

It’s noisy here at times. Silence falls only when the antagonists step forwards, especially near the start of a project. For some reason no protagonists are keen to attract attention there…no volunteers for the away team red shirt, as it were.



© G Jefferies and Fictionisfood, 2016. All rights reserved.


  1. Hi all! The team over at MIU would like to stop by and say ‘hello!’  The mission of our blog is to motivate, inspire and uplift. We also have opportunities for fellow bloggers to submit content to be shared with our audience. We have a growing community of almost 7k subs. If you would ever like to collaborate, please feel free to drop us a line at Our blog can be found at Thanks for this opportunity to network!

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  2. You have become so popular and there is a reason for that. Even when you feel you have pulled out every bit of fantasy, wit, wonder and terror from their hiding places; another bud appears and commences growing with the rich fictionisfood. You are an old tree with years to bring all those buds to twigs and twigs to branches. You wobble in the wind sometimes and need time off for your roots to dig a bit deeper. And then you come back with something that no one is expecting. I know you surprise yourself sometimes. You have so much inside you that needs to get out for others to enjoy. There is a bit of jealousy wrapped through and around these accolades. As much as I want and wish to share the wonders of your mind; I have lost my professor. I am not giving up, writing is part of me now. I have a few people that I can thank, but you are the one who could put things out so I understood. Be careful, sir. You are on track to getting what you wanted, but as we know, nothing good ever comes without some kind of loss. Don’t lose yourself before you get there. NOW I want another chapter! LOL

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    • In the words of an ENT, “That’s uncommonly kind of you.” Which, is on topic with your reference to trees, although I often can’t see the wood for them either…not that I ever really understood that old phrase. I mean, a wood is trees ergo no trees and you’d still not see a wood. I digress.
      Another chapter though…this is a hard one. Long and long ago were these snippets turned into words. My next piece will be on something else to get me blogging again. Well, not new as such but Dead Man Walking was an older few posts. I like that and may put up the fuller chapter on Wayland. Yes, another project cast into the frying pan. Everything hinges on two flipping pages. The Synopsis…book title in waiting for there is true horror in that one!

      Thank you Julie for the encouragement. Really appreciate it 😊


  3. I’m just a mom blogger that writes about life stories and motherhood. I love reading some good blogs for hobby and learning. English is my second language, but I embrace it and dare to write anyways 🙂 I really like to visit your site once in a while and will try to add you on Twitter 🙂 and GriniaB

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    • Frown not, Twitter is…well…strange…and filled with #hashtags. You are not alone, although a similar catchphrase leaps from some bloke with big hair on the Discovery network talking about aliens 🤔 Blog linking to other social or, if you prefer less frowns, un-social media is relatively easy. The add post page (on the left) has a sharing dialogue box where you can tell WordPress where to send it on publication. One post, one hit publish button and all the linked sites you exist on simultaneously receive said post. I believe (amnesia may have altered recollection) you can set up sharing from the admin dashboard. Obviously this very post was a stalling manoeuvre to detract from fictional posts whilst floundering in the writing department. If it’s followed by equally strange posts then things are going terribly badly and I’ve run out of ideas to get said brothers out of the current predicament 🤔

      Thank you for taking the time to comment 😊

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