Goodreads: How to Promote a Book Effectively for Free

A collaborative post with Janice Wald and Melissa Marietta on how to use GoodReads to promote your books.

Note: Due to technical difficulties, thousands of people didn’t receive this article when it was originally published so you might be receiving this article for the second time.  by Gary Jefferies, Janice Wald, and Melisa Marzett Once your book is published on, what’s next? Goodreads is that answer. I first heard of Goodreads when I heard actor Will Smith’s book was on the site. This post will explain how to promote your book using Goodreads, how to use Goodreads for social networking, and why you’ll be able to make money when you put your book on Goodreads.

Source: Goodreads: How to Promote a Book Effectively for Free



There is a growing number of book review sites and sources to obtain free books for book bloggers to review. If you are interested in this type of post appearing here more often then leave a comment and I’ll consider further collaborations and my own thoughts as features.

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  1. Hi Gary,
    Thank you so much for re-blogging our article. I have shared on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Flipboard. I did not share on StumbleUpon, and I think you know why LOL. Thank you so much for the link to my site and giving exposure to the article.

    1. Mine went to FB, Twitter and G+. Did you throw it at Mix instead lol. SU is still referring so I’m not entirely sure when the end date is. I guess they want the users to migrate first.

      1. I didn’t think to put it at Mix but I should have. I have a post coming out about Mix in a little over an hour. I got a great deal of traffic to the Goodreads article today. Thank you very much. I’m off to bed. 12:45 AM here.

        1. I think we should explore Mix and compare notes. Be a good opportunity for an awareness post whilst SU users can still migrate their accounts!

            1. Touche lol. Yes you certainly can. I may actually reblog this next weekend to to keep circulation going too.

              1. That is a great idea in order to increase awareness of the situation. How did you find out? You told me only a day or two after the announcement. I have the Mix post at BUYB today. I figured they’d want to know.

                1. I am sort of nerdy on tech releases. Often I catch things as they get put out. Digital Trends and, oddly, Flipboard often have the latest trends out as soon as they appear. SU has been a particular interest though after our discussions. I always felt it’s GUI was weak in today’s world. I also said I felt referrals were dropping with reasons why a few weeks ago too. Then they popped out with the switch to mix. Coincidence?

    1. Thanks Judy. Often resources are overlooked and when it comes to reviews anywhere is better than nowhere 😊

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