Goodreads: How to Promote a Book Effectively for Free

A collaborative post with Janice Wald and Melissa Marietta on how to use GoodReads to promote your books.

Note: Due to technical difficulties, thousands of people didn’t receive this article when it was originally published so you might be receiving this article for the second time.  by Gary Jefferies, Janice Wald, and Melisa Marzett Once your book is published on, what’s next? Goodreads is that answer. I first heard of Goodreads when I heard actor Will Smith’s book was on the site. This post will explain how to promote your book using Goodreads, how to use Goodreads for social networking, and why you’ll be able to make money when you put your book on Goodreads.

Source: Goodreads: How to Promote a Book Effectively for Free



There is a growing number of book review sites and sources to obtain free books for book bloggers to review. If you are interested in this type of post appearing here more often then leave a comment and I’ll consider further collaborations and my own thoughts as features.

Head over to for the full post.






  1. Hi Gary,
    Thank you so much for re-blogging our article. I have shared on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Flipboard. I did not share on StumbleUpon, and I think you know why LOL. Thank you so much for the link to my site and giving exposure to the article.

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