Stream of Conscious Saturday. Hollow / Empty #SoCS

“Hollows are the empty places of the world. In them lie demons and relics of times long gone. Enter them with care traveller. Most never return.”




During the A to Z Challenge I came across blogs posting for Linda Hill’s Stream of conscious Saturday.

Many of the participants I already know through other groups and blog connections. As a writer I thought I might use this to explore a world that began to form during April’s challenge.

I will stick to the exact purpose of SoC here. This, apart from using the WP spell checker, is rough. No planning, thought or preparation or editing. Words as they tumble out. Please take that into account before despairing critique.

I will say, however, that it is part of new back story to a possible epic fantasy tale I’m toying with and the character here was introduced in the A to Z as Ynshael Faeroris. This is long before that moment in her chronology.


Ahead lay a glade. Within it, and hidden to eyes that refused to see, was a Cromlech. Who constructed it Ynshael Faeroris didn’t know. That was, in part, the reason she now sat astride her gelding looking into the clearing. It looked, from this vantage point at least, empty and hollow.

Elves knew of several such sites. Most were hidden and all were relics from before even they laid claim to the earth. None lay on trade routes or roads, each was surrounded by dense foliage, woods, marshes or desserts. All held detectable magical resonances and every thaumaturge that tried to unlock the codicils failed after finding the warnings. General consensus considered these to be gift wrap around a prize.

Two generations before Ynshael several Magi, accountable to The High Elf Council, had broken through the wrapping and gone mad. At least that was the official line. Internally the whereabouts of eight sorcerers was unknown and had never since been revealed. The residual Conclave returned a unanimous vote to close down further research and pass matters to The Keep at Tor Angra.

Here it was all locked inside The Vault with access restricted to The Arch Mage, Lore Master and Amanuensis.

Ynshael has been granted permission to investigate the nearest Cromlech to validate old texts and their physical descriptions. Even these had caveats.

Detection systems vibrate at each location. Magic is indisputable in its presence. Each resonates with the same frequency. Those of non-magical persuasion become disoriented and turn back. Those will stern resolve only go so far before turning in fear and fleeing. Those that do not suffer catastrophic organ failure and death. No survivors can explain why they fled.

Our records for eight sites corroborate on four counts including the resonant thaumic fields. Of the other three:

1. no animals with its influence have been sighted,

2. absence of great magical ability fails to even see the structure,

3. each lies in inhospitable terrain.

They do not wish to be found.


Ynshael dismounted. If she were to approach this relic then there was no point in sacrificing her horse and finding herself injured if it panicked.

Twenty yards closer on foot and she passed through an unseen barrier. Sound ceased and her medallion began to vibrate. The clearing was now less obvious. Dominated by briars and blackthorn. Each laying thorn traps and snags.  The Cromlech was invisible, buried behind the tangle of roots and branches.

It doesn’t want to be found. Her mind wandered. No animals within its influence have been sighted.

“No,” she whispered, “no living creatures have been sighted. There is a difference.”

It felt as if the world was holding its breath waiting to see what she did next.

When it breathed out again the fog would draw up. Blocking out the sun and inviting those residing in darkness to claim another…





Stream of conscious Rules – Taken from Linda’s Blog

  1. Your post must be stream of consciousness writing, meaning no editing, (typos can be fixed) and minimal planning on what you’re going to write.

  2. Your post can be as long or as short as you want it to be. One sentence – one thousand words. Fact, fiction, poetry – it doesn’t matter. Just let the words carry you along until you’re ready to stop.

  3. There will be a prompt every week. I will post the prompt here on my blog on Friday, along with a reminder for you to join in. The prompt will be one random thing, but it will not be a subject. For instance, I will not say “Write about dogs”; the prompt will be more like, “Make your first sentence a question,” “Begin with the word ‘The’,” or simply a single word to get your started.

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  6. Copy and paste the rules (if you’d like to) in your post. The more people who join in, the more new bloggers you’ll meet and the bigger your community will get!

  7. As a suggestion, tag your post “SoCS” and/or “#SoCS” for more exposure and more views.


Thank you for taking the time to read. Comments are welcome and I look forward to meeting new bloggers via the SoCS community.







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  1. 💩 you could if you want to… publish yourself. Getting a publisher and agent behind you is another whole bag of peas. 😂😇

    1. Very true and I’m considering that as it happens. Have a few things to tick off my to do list first though. That said arty things like covers and formatting is not my skill set. #procrasting I’m very good at that too 😂

      1. There are people who are arty and can… I like can do people such as chris the story reading ape i believe he does covers and would help if you wanted to know how… just saying *taps nose* ☝👃

        1. Ha ha, yes I know. It’s the decision that needs making now. Can’t be successful at procrastinating if one goes round making decisions 😳

          1. Procrastination is another of those whimp words that really mean… “scared.” Being Scared to fail is silly, we only fail if we don’t try.

            1. Very true. Mind you for many it stems from cognitive dissonance which is a very real problem for some and an indicator of a deeper problem… could be a post in that 🤔

  2. Your stream is very effective, I found this particular prompt encourager if you like helped me sharpen my flash fiction, It is a super tool I applaud the Saturday Stream of Consciousness as a honer of skills.
    By the way you know you did good, p.s. is there anything you don’t succeed in. 😉😂😁

    1. I think that’s the best reason for doing it. Practice and sharpening flash writing. Thanks too for the support. As for the question… he’ll yes… publishing is one 😂

  3. This is incredible- if you told me to sit down and write prose with absolutely no thought or planning, it would be about as elaborate as “See Jane Walk”! You are also far more creative with your naming conventions; I would probably just stick to using fragments from the languages I know haha. What a backstory!!

    1. Too kind lol. It helps that I actually zone out and visualise where things are happening. This is becoming quite a large idea and expanded from my A to Z. That spawned a concept, and SoC is being used to excavate more. Have you tried this? The concept is totally open and I think you could easily link your blogging into it.

      Thank you so much x

  4. Oooh…my newest favorite series. I was also going to ask about how to pronounce “Ynshael” but I saw your response to Melissa above. The Michelle equivalent was how I was pronouncing it in my head. The funny thing about the whole piece (and I realize that it’s just stream of conscious writing) is that the final paragraph didn’t seem to fit with all that came before it. The way that paragraph was written seemed almost too “modern” for this piece that made me feel like I stepped back into olden times where ancient woods and forests stood tall.

    1. Lol, it’s a continuation of the concept and creations from the A to Z. These SoC posts are my equivalent of notes and ideas for fleshing something bigger out. The place Yish has entered is a throwback in time too. The Cromlechs are ancient and pre-date the elves. It’s also way back in her timeline too compared to her engagement with the Amanuensis.

      Tricky balancing the writing this way though as it’s supposed to be as it rolls. No editing or tinkering. Hopefully when it comes to putting it together properly it will hang together better!

      Thank you Jennifer 😊

      1. That’s why I hated to give any feedback because it was SOC writing, but it was such a clunker to me, took me out of the magic you were weaving (yes, even in it’s roughest of rough draft status I found magic there.) So I just had to let you know. Although in a rewrite, I know you would have heard how it didn’t fit quite right.

        1. To be honest and feedback that is considered and offers suggestions makes improving things much easier! Obviously with SoC it’s as it comes out. But then again that’s the point right?

  5. That’s cool! Just like flash fiction I can see how this would be a useful tool. I might give that a go.

    Like the backstory- but I’m away to find out what a cromlech is

    1. SoC can be absolutely anything at all. I’m using it as backstory prompts. Just my take of course and makes it challenging with a prompt word as the source lol.

      Lovely word is Cromlech. Very fitting here methinks 😊

      Thank you too!

  6. Enjoyed that. I think you nailed hollow. Fun to get a prompt and explore it. I should take a page out of your book and see where the prompt takes me in my writing. Hmmm….what to on a holiday Monday.

    1. Thank you. It’s always hard putting up unedited as written fiction. The prompts can go anywhere and moved into almost anything at all. I chose to use them in fiction because I need the practice. I’d love to see your fictional angle on some too!

        1. Definitely protective and not wanting to be found. Sort of a beacon, it’s emanating and yet waiting for the right answer back. If that makes sense. It’s still very much an unknown quantity to me. It’s also unlikely SoC prompts will produce linear follow ups too. I’m kind of exploring an unknown world!

    1. Me too! So far the concept was created during the A to Z. A by-product of exploring my other work. It’s actually becoming mor solid now and I might use SoC to work out back story and try concepts. Ynshael is known as Yish to her close friends. That makes the phonetics of Y hard rather than silent and the “n” more of an “I” in English. In Elvish it’s different. In-sha-elle is the closest I can get to a phonetic phrase there. The a and e run together. For us it’s more Yish-a-elle. Just drop the hyphens. I guess it could be pronounced as Yishelle as in Michelle with a Y. Elvish dialects might also pronounce it differently too…. which is why it becomes Yish in the main story lol

  7. Can’t help but think about Bleach a popular Manga and Anime. It’s Hollow concept is what was in my mind while I went through this post

    I know which character I saw dismounting the horse. That’s another kind of appreciation I guess.

    The barrier entry was engaging too. Liked that part specially.

    1. Thanks for that! Can’t say I know what the Bleach or Anime references allude to though. Not familiar with those!

      It’s tricky getting the balance right doing things this way. I tend to write like this outside then edit it to death so this is a new experience.

        1. Cool stuff. It reminds me of creature codexes when I was doing RPG. Reading about these Hollows could turn this post in a very different tale. Mind you so far Yish hasn’t got close to the centre yet lol

          Thanks for the link 😊

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