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Update On Battle Status

Let the stories begin! Rachael Ritchey has been broken down at long last to revisit Blog Battle.

Yes, you heard it right Blog Battle is coming back.

Never heard of it? Shame on you. Were part if it then get thinking….

On an aside I can now hound you too, because…. I’m an editor on this now too. More info coming soon.

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Former research scientist the became the primary stay at home Dad for two children. Writing has always been factual in the previous life but always had a fascination with fiction but never been brave enough to develop it further. A comfort zone thing. Science writing is familiar, fiction is not. Hopefully the blog will provide more confidence and lead to a change in career writing from home around children!


  1. Oh to Battle! Oh to Fight.
    A writer must live
    By words with bite.
    Getting excited and thrilled for the extra hands to help! 😀

    • Ah, I knew I’d seen the hands comment somewhere but replied to that part on the other post lol. Although…did you just do a poetry Battle there 😂😂

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