Author Give Away. Free for Five Days. Lucy Brazier’s First Book PorterGirl: First Lady of the Keys

An opportunity to begin at the beginning with Lucy Brazier’s first book in the PorterGirl series and part of the launch campaign for Sinister Dexter.

To celebrate the release of new PorterGirl novel, Sinister Dexter, the first book in the PorterGirl trilogy is available on FREE download for five days from Thursday 26th April!

First Lady Of The Keys is where we first enter Old College and it is certainly not for the faint hearted…




Book Blurb:

‘Porters are not the carriers of bags, they are the keepers of keys

As one of the most ancient and esteemed establishments of the academic elite, Old College is in for something of a shock when it appoints its very first female Deputy Head Porter.

She struggles to get to grips with this eccentric world, far removed from everyday life. Deputy Head Porter, the proverbial square peg in the round hole, begins to wonder quite what she is doing here.

PorterGirl – First Lady Of The Keys is a touching, and at times laugh-out-loud funny, glimpse into a world that is usually reserved for the upper echelons of society.

Whether she is chasing after naked students, drinking copious amounts of tea or getting embroiled in quaint, polite murders, Deputy Head Porter is never far from adventure.





FROM 26 APRIL 2018


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    1. Wow, that’s an accolade in its own right if you read it that quickly!! Many thanks for the supportive comment Eric. Really appreciate it!

        1. Agreed! The new one Sinister Dexter is due out too. I did a spotlight on that recently too. Thats part three in the series.

          Great job on the review too. I’m not a fan of ones with spoilers in myself. Detracts from the unknown of the book. Much prefer to know the opinion of readers who admit its their type of read/genre and why they like it!

    1. Ha, ha. So have I. Lucy asked me to put something up as part of the Sinister Dexter launch so who was I to refuse 😊

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