Author Spotlight; Shelley Wilson

Shelley Wilson

A dead mother… A violent father… A missing brother… Will she follow the pack or destroy them?

Shelley is a talented author, blogger and book/blog coach. She also runs two blogs of her own; one dedicated to her writing, and the other as a motivational and well being platform aimed at raising awareness of mindful thinking and positivity.

She has also been nominated for awards at the annual Blogger Bash winning the Most Inspirational Blog Award 2016 and coming second in the same category in 2017.

As part of this spotlight I read Oath Breaker with some trepidation because YA is not ordinarily my genre. I was pleasantly surprised, possibly because it touches on my own writing in paranormal and horror. I found it a joy to read and gave it five stars on GoodReads, but don’t take my word for it and look to the book reviews I’ve linked at the end of the post.


Author Bio:

Shelley Wilson was born in Leeds, but moved to the West Midlands when she was a youngster. She is a single mum to three teenagers, a fat goldfish and a crazy black cat called Luna. Her favourite things (apart from her children) are vampires, mythology, history, and pizza. Shelley is an avid reader and blogger with a passion for Netflix marathon binge watching sessions.

She divides her time between blogging and writing motivational non-fiction books for adults, and the fantasy worlds of her YA fiction.

Her non-fiction books combine lifestyle, motivation and self-help with a healthy dose of humour, and her YA novels combine myth, legend and fairy tales with a side order of demonic chaos.  You can check out all Shelley’s books here:

Shelley Wilson on Amazon

Shelley can be found lurking on Twitter and Facebook all the time (she wishes to add procrastination to her favourite things list!)


Her most recent book is called Oath Breaker. A YA novel following the trail of Mia who witnesses the untimely death of her father at the hands of wolf. Taken into care by her “Uncle,” Sebastian, her journey into a strange new world begins.


Shelley Wilson Oath Breaker


Book Blurb




When Mia’s father is murdered, it’s her estranged uncle that comes to the rescue, but what he offers her in return for his help could be worse than the life she is leaving behind.

Taken to Hood Academy, a unique school deep in the forest, she discovers friendships, love, and the courage to stand on her own.

As she trains hard, Mia takes the oath that seals her future as a werewolf hunter, but not everyone wants Mia to succeed.

Screams in the night. Secret rooms. Hidden letters. Mia becomes an important piece in a game she doesn’t want to play.

Will the truth set her free, or will it destroy her?


Oath Breaker can be purchased from the following links

Amazon (UK)

Amazon (US)

Barnes and Noble






I asked Shelley three questions to go with this spotlight;

What are your inspirations and favourite writing genres?

I adore writing young adult stories, possibly because I have three teenage children under my roof. I’ve also decided that I want to be an eternal young adult no matter have many miles I have on the clock! YA is my favourite genre to read and write as there is so much you can explore in coming-of-age stories. My main influences would be Cassandra Clare and Sarah J. Maas who are fantastic world builders.

Where did the inspiration for Oath Breaker come from?

The inspiration for Oath Breaker came about when I helped my daughter with her homework. She had to adapt a well-known fairy tale, and I suggested she turn Little Red Riding Hood into a werewolf hunter. She didn’t develop the idea, but I couldn’t get the story out of my head and so it evolved from there.

Can you give us three none-writing related random facts about yourself?

  1. I don’t like ice-cream.
  2. I have two tattoos.
  3. I once lived in a converted cow shed in the Catskill Mountains for three months.


You can follow Shelley across her across social media by clicking on the following links.

Amazon Author Page UK

Amazon Author Page US

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Facebook Author Page

Facebook Motivational Page

Goodreads Author Page

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Motivational Blog

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Reviews of Oath Breaker and an author interview can be found here.

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Oath Breaker on Goodreads



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    1. I’d also highly recommend Stephen Kings book, “On Writing.” It’s about his writing methods and how he started and what he does. Plenty of advice and easy to read, not complicated at all and if, like me, you don’t follow “conventional methods” then this might inspire! Even has a bit about buying a longer nail to hang his rejections off before “Carrie” got accepted. I found I was doing what he does so it validated my approach big time 😊

      1. Thank you, Gary I will check it out…I do love his books 🙂 I have been given a couple of other authors books and they didn’t enthuse me it was just advice you can get anywhere 🙂

        1. I did several course on-line and they followed a very rigid methiod, more conventional Novakovitch methodology. Interesting an worthwhile, for me, but never really hit me as it was never how I intuitively approached it. Bit demoralising finding out convention says “No.” King, on the other hand, makes no bones about doing it his way and I figured, since I like his books and he sells shed loads, who am I to argue! Whilst I don’t fully follow his methods, I have my own cant on things, I found it excellent after reading so much other stuff that I felt wasn’t hitting the right buttons (for me).

          I’ve also been asked numerous times to do some posts on how I write too. Maybe I should give if a go!

          1. Yes, maybe you should Gary, I do think it is an individual thing and you should be true to yourself ..If you try to copy someone elses methods too closely you could stifle your inner writer 🙂

            1. Spot on. Trying to copy another persons style is a recipe for disaster. You need to find your own voice and that can take a while to find. I was rather fortunate there as mine seemed to be lying in wait as it were. I have a feeling you and I have a similar view on the subject too. So….time to get writing yes 😊

    1. Thank you so much; always nice to hear I’m sort of doing it right!! But you are writing a YA novel too? How awesome is that! Now I know, I will keep asking how its going 😉

      1. Thank you..not very well at the moment…in my head it si…I am just not getting it written down…but I have been enthused this last week and am going to make a concerted effort or it won’t get written will it.?..I need a size 9 firmly planted on my butt…lol

        1. Nothing serious I hope! There are some bugs flying about here too, although thus far I have escaped them. Writing is just a case of setting time aside and just doing it. With the first draft just write, don’t aim for a finished product, worry about typos or grammar, or even a fully fledged story arc. First draft is bones and by the end you know the plot and characters much better. The editing process is where things shape themselves properly. Keep in mind that as the due process and you won’t go far wrong. Nobody writes a good first draft lol

  1. Hmmm… I’m going to check Shelley out! Even though I write about the outdoors, gardening, and family history, I have an internal interest in werewolves, vampires, and other mythical creatures. Sounds like a fun read! Thanks for the intro, Gary!

    1. Ha, we will have you fully into my worlds at this rate too! Paranormal, supernatural horror here we come.

      I actually think reading across genres and away from what we write is a good thing too. Keeps minds fresh. Hope you enjoy it 😊

    2. We’ve all got the darkness living inside us (mwahahah, sorry, it felt like an evil plan laugh kinda moment!) 😉 Thanks for reading Gary’s fab spotlight and taking the time to comment. I’m a huge fan of the supernatural but I’m also addicted to family history (only managed to trace my Wilson line to 1805 so far). Love the outdoors too but I have no clue when it comes to gardening! Look forward to reading your blog and staying connected x

    1. Good to hear that Lisa and I hope you also enjoy it. Thank you for dropping in. I really appreciate your support 😊

  2. Of course, Shelley is fabulous. I love that you do these author spotlights, Gary!.
    The story of how Little Red Riding Hood is secretly a werewolf hunter gave me a little thrill of anticipation. I don’t read a lot of YA, but the next time I do, I’m picking up OATH BREAKER!

    1. Thank you Angela, I have a few more in the pipeline and will be approaching more blog authors soon once I’ve caught up. I tried YA after hooking up with Rachael Ritchey on here. In fact I’m hoping to snag her soon too.

      I thought the idea for Oath Breaker was fascinating. Just shows anything can act as a writing prompt with a bit of imagination 😊

    1. Ha ha, I always have something weird and wonderful on my mind, Jennifer! I took my kids to camp in Sherwood Forest in Nottingham as part of the research for Oath Breaker – living in the woods was pretty cool and inspirational – didn’t find any werewolves though, they’re pretty crafty! 😉

    1. Tell me about it! I’ve got two and you hear nothing until you need to concentrate! Thank you for popping across too. Really appreciate it 😊

  3. This sounds fantastic, and I’ve shared the link to purchase with several friends! Also, I’m totally cool with Shelley not eating ice cream, as it just leaves more for me 🤣 I love these spotlights, Gary!

    1. Thank you so much. They are a pretty new concept for my blog and go well with my writing, which is why I’m here in the first place!

      Nice take on the not liking ice cream too! Many thanks for sharing the purchase link too. I’m sure Shelley will be over here to thank you once she realises I’ve put it up this weekend on the FB group!

    1. I had never considered height until you mentioned that… I was still in awe at not liking ice-cream! But yes, I agree wrt social media and support. Thanks for that Carol 🙂

    1. I’ve heard of cow shed conversions Marj….but never someone that doesn’t like ice-cream! All those flavours too….how can you not like at least one lol

      1. Surely she’s never had an S. Lucas chocolate wafer ice-cream from Musselburgh, Scotland. They’re to die for…. and come in various flavours but my favourite is good old vanilla, or strawberry. Ah, heaven! 🙂

  4. Reblogged this on graemecummingdotnet and commented:
    I haven’t read Shelley’s new book yet, but the feedback I’m seeing suggests it’s her best yet. Having read Guardian of the Dead, I can only assume Oath Breaker is brilliant!
    Here’s a little more to whet the appetite…

    1. Top man Graeme. I’m sure she will thank you in person now I’ve approved the moderation thingamy. This was my first read of Shelleys work so after your suggestion I’ll try Guardians next!

      Thank you for the re-big too 😊

    1. Thanks for popping over Dany, it caught me out as YA is a pretty new reading genre for me. Enjoyed it very much too 😊

    1. Was that at the blog bash by any chance? Have to admit I’ve not actually met her, but across social media she’s really helpful and a credit to the blogging community.

      Thank you for giving her the thumbs up on her book too 😊

      1. She’s really nice, met her twice, both at the Blogger Bash events. I even got to sit next to her in 2016, she witnessed by ‘air punch’ when I won Funniest Blogger and I accidentally sprayed her with cake, as I was devouring a lovely fruit cake. She smiled at me both times 🙂

        1. Wow, congrats on your award win then, belated as it might be now. Next time take her book and get it signed! I only found out about those bashes this year…but then I’m not even two years into blogging until next January!! Might pluck up the courage to go to one at some point!

          1. I have been to all 3 now. They are excellent events and you come away with a head full of ideas and new faces. You should go because you can meet BlondeWriteMore – sigh!

            1. Oooh, meeting the Roxy creator…. You might just be making me re-think! Loads of people say it’s really good too 😊

                1. Ooh, hopefully I can read if and comment on release day then! Unlike my normal drop in which is always late!

                  Fab, well…I know have a comment from you evidencing it so if it’s not then I’ll hunt you down lol

            1. Ha, ha. I will definitely think about it now. Two years is plenty to need to start putting faces proper to bloggers 🙂

      2. Aww, what a lovely thing to say, Gary. I knew I liked you for a reason 😉 Yes, we ‘met’ in the flesh as the Blogger Bash (Lucy squealed down my ear when she won funniest blogger award!! I was deaf for a week, ha ha) 😉

        1. Lol, yes I think she mentioned covering you in cake during the heady moment of success too.

          Most kind of you to make me blush too 🙃

  5. Thank you so much for allowing me to invade your lovely blog, Gary. I’m delighted that you enjoyed your adventure into YA and I’m honoured that you chose my book to test the waters. 🙂

    1. It’s my pleasure Shelley and what I said to Ritu holds, if you want promotion before the next one is published then I’m game for that too! Clearly as a writer I have little option but to read widely too; this YA thing was never a first port of call….before 😊

  6. Great spotlight! Shelley is the one who turned me to YA fiction to be honest! I have Oathbreakers ready to read in my Kindle!!!

    1. Wow, you must be permanently plugged in! Always quick to respond #awesome. Thank you Ritu, I’m always nervous of how these might be received by the authors, so comments like yours help that one!

      I got into it from another blogger author on here and I’m going to try and get her permission to do one too. I’ve got another to start this week so there’s time to get that sorted!

      As for Oath Breaker, I found I have a variety of reading heads as well as writing genres. This was a well written book and kept me reading. Hopefully when her next book is ready I can get involved on a blog tour and pre-publishing promo now too 😊

        1. And there was me thinking you had a USB port behind an ear or some internal blue tooth device!!! I try really hard to keep my phone as a phone….it works….Mostky……

            1. I had to concentrate there as Dr Who and cyber men came to mind! Upgraded forearm as the phone assimilates into your hand…scary lol.

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