Author Spotlight; Janice Wald

Derek Philott

We all know Janice from her blogging site MostlyBlogging, but did you know she has written a book packed with hints and tips to create content and increase your traffic?

I first met Janice about a month after starting blogging a meagre sixteen months ago whilst trying to figure out what the heck was going on. The newbie wondering what I was doing amidst long standing bloggers with huge followings and rich engagement. She hosts bi-weekly Meet and Greets and it was there that I first tried to find like minded bloggers to follow and, hopefully, invite a few into my community at the same time.

What I found was that not only did that happen, but I made some valuable connections and friends. Then I looked through her blog a bit deeper.

Stumble-Upon, Pinterest, Twitter, Flip-Board, Linked In and Google Plus left me thinking newbie forever. It all seemed obvious if you already had the know how, but to me it was new territory.

To a newcomer like me it was not only overwhelming, but down right confusing to sift the good ideas from the bad and required more time than I had to figure out what’s going on… not to mention an underlying sense that the real deals are kept under wraps.

Even recently I was engaged in a discussion on Facebook group where the community was talking about traffic stagnation and how to increase their profiles to attract more followers and engagement.

So, let me introduce you to Janice Wald’s book “An Insider’s Guide to Building a Successful Blog: Tips and tricks from the creator of Mostly Blogging.”                                                                                                        

JW Ebook Cover


The overview

Are you a blogger? Are you ready to see your page views skyrocket? If so, you know the importance of using proven tips to engage readers, improve content, and increase blog traffic.

In 2016, there were over two billion social media users. Fortunately, this guide is the only roadmap you will need to send them rushing to your blog.

Janice Wald’s tips are proven by research and easy to understand and implement.

It contains step-by-step directions for content creation, tips for increasing readership, and advice about which tools to use to make blogging easier.

Follow her established strategies and see a dramatic increase in your blog traffic.


I gave it five stars and reviewed it on Amazon, from where I will drop an extract.

“With a book rich in advice like this, don’t waste time and energy trolling websites looking for the trade tricks. They are all condensed with easy to follow explanations from start to finish.

This book is the thing I wish I’d had almost a year ago.”

Find her book on GoodReads for more information and reviews.



Author Bio

JW avatar


Janice Wald is an author, freelance writer, blogger and blogging coach. She blogs at MostlyBlogging where she shares tips for bloggers and marketers and has been included in over thirty expert interviews and interview panels.

Available as an e-book on all devices you can buy a copy at or or use the link below to see inside first.




Follow Janice across the web and keep up to date with networking news.

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  2. Hi Gary,
    Just hopping over again, in the hope to find out, if you are ok….
    My husband and I have one week of vacation left, not going anywhere, just enjoying our free time together. Taking care of jobs around the house, we usually don’t seem to have the time for. So, kind of a working-vacation I guess 😉
    Anyway, also more time to read, hence the visit to your blog…
    Sending you a big hug, XxX

    Liked by 3 people

          • Book marketing is similar, but not quite the same to blogging. It needs drip feeding regularly and if you can get followers to latch onto pressing, sharing and raising awareness then you’re half way there. I always keep in mind each time that people who have not blogged or been around that long might never have heard about it too. The potential audience is thus renewing on each promotion. Really pleased it’s helping selling the book too. All very exciting yes 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

              • When publishers say authors need to market I take it as they do a pre-publish and launch exercise that generates a lot of interest and movement. The drip feed (not sure that is a trade term as such, but it suits my thoughts) requires targeted recycling to keep the profile up. Not necessarily repeating the same message, but changing it and re-launching the promotion. Not to mention keeping in mind, social media has a regular intake of new people. They may never have hear of us or the books so they become a target audience; hence the drip feed approach 🙂

                Liked by 1 person

                  • I think it’s a pretty universal method. I picked it up in local shop oddly enough. I overheard a voluntary discuss saying their advert on a board was not working so seemed pointless. I looked at it and thought it’s exactly the same one that had been there for months. That reminded me of a business school lunch from way back where they talked about public eye. People look for things that have changed, if an advert remains the same they switch off and no longer see it. If you look at TV adverts they run a month then change it to a new style and yet they are selling exactly the same thing. They do that because it keeps people interested in what’s new in the advert. Even on Twitter if the same post is thrown up on repeat people will soon switch off. There you have (IMO) to have break period before recycling it or re-hash it constantly which gets time consuming. I also believe in group sharing too. That attacks a far wider audience and hashtags or meta data then become an asset in the share. If you see my RT’s they will never have just, say, ThrowBackThursday, but a few others. Equally RTing several times finds me changing hashtags so it hits similar, but different streams. I think SU can fail if the share does not have the correct meta data to find its audience. Not to mention its GUI I rubbish lol


    • Hi Janice,
      apologies for not getting back sooner, schools out so kids home and “stuff” needed doing!!! I hope the Amazon link works properly as it should show the look inside and book details without having to actually visit Amazon. I’ve now shared it around Google Plus and will shortly put it on my Pinterest, SU and Flipboard too. It has gone to Twitter and my FB author page. Fingers crossed you will get some decent exposure and I’ll throw it at the blog group at the weekend too 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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