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“If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.” I trust Sai King, so figured I’d best honour my nomination from Steph!

Granted, for those of you that peruse my writing, cuddly bears are not often predisposed to make an appearance on my blog. Far from it, so don’t go getting ideas that such things will grow in frequency! Kind of cute though, even if I do say so amidst dark writings and… hang about this is reading, an integral part of writing.

The lovely Steph from Scale It Simple nominated me for this a couple of weeks ago, so I decided it was about time to get onto it. In fact I’ve seen it doing the rounds on several blogs so here is my effort.


Do you have a specific place for reading?

Good Lord no. I have a chair in the bedroom with good light, and a favourable school run where I go half an hour early to read in the car. The rest is very random and spontaneous; providing there is a book at hand.

Bookmarks or random pieces of paper?

Definitely bookmarks. The one I use most was a form tutors leaving gift, green leather with school name, class name and house. It’s still in pristine condition and has lived inside books since…hmm, too long indeed!

Can you just stop anywhere or must it be at the end of the chapter?

I prefer to stop at the end of a chapter, but unpredictable reading often leaves me unable to do that. I try and finish the first paragraph on the left hand page though. That means I never lose my place. It all works, providing I pick it up again quickly and get to chapters end before amnesia takes over.

Do you eat or drink while reading?

Never. Writing is another matter entirely however. Although, since I mainly drink decaffeinated coffee, even that is debatable!

Music or TV while reading?

Neither, I find reading absorbing, well if the book is any good that is! Music and TV don’t assist with that and are too distracting.

One book at a time or several?

Usually only one at a time. I try and finish one before starting another. Writing is totally the opposite as I have several projects on the go at any one moment…go figure that logic out.

Do you prefer to read at home or elsewhere?

Reading has no preference in terms of placement. If it’s quiet and the book is with me then as long as I am alone I can read. Not coffee shops though or public places because I people watch and writing mind takes over there. As I said above the school run tends to be the main slot at present.

Read out loudly or silently?

Always silent, except in my head. It gets quite loud in there.

Do you read ahead or skip pages?

Never in a novel. If it’s good then I don’t want spoilers. If it’s bad then I don’t want to know and just stop. Factual books are a different matter. Research can’t afford linear reading so I skim looking for what I want and then mark it with post-it notes.

Breaking the spine or keeping it like new?

Break the spine? For shame and lazy reading. Terrible travesty to treat books with such disrespect. That said, mighty tomes are harder to keep intact. Definitely try to keep them looking new though too.

Do you write in your books?

In a fiction book that is just bad form, so no.

Factual books, and in particular science ones for my own research, are different. I will highlight key zones and annotate because chances are I will refer back to them often, and need to find the pertinent paragraphs quickly.



I would like to nominate the following excellent blog to have a go at this; if you already have done, or don’t do, this sort of thing then call it a shout out instead.

  1. Esme at The Recipe Hunter. Good friend and lovely blogger. If you are stuck for food ideas this is the place to be.
  2. Traci York, Writer. Another good friend who happens to be a witch. Plenty of photography, tarot reading and more.
  3. Gabe at (Almost) Unsalvageable. I recently met Gabe via a Facebook blog share group and he is a writer learning the tricks of the trade. Good networker and loves to engage bloggers. Some interesting posts and well worth looking up.
  4. Hayley at Just Another Blog. Another awesome blogger that loves social engagement. Very eclectic range of posts about music, TV, films and curly hair!
  5. Truly at Truly Unplugged. Very witty writer and one of the first bloggers to say “Hi” when I started out just over a year ago.
  6. Lucy at BlondeWriteMore. Another recent blogging friend that writes about writing, offering tips and support in the dark places where the words stumble and laugh at you. She is also an author with some tales to tell, if you so choose to look.


In fact I will throw this out to anyone that visits here as a bit of fun. Writers often get asked about writing, not often do we get asked about reading!




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  2. Thanks for mentioning that you hadn’t heard from me, Gary….I was so sure that I commented and “thank you’d” for the shout-out…I loved reading/learning more about the genius and fantastic human that is you. And, I really, really appreciate the honor of being included in your nominations. I’m on vacation next week (staycation, actually) and will make a point of participating. Take care, my friend 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Truly and don’t worry; transitional periods often take the mind to where it needs to be so other areas suffer in consequence. That is absolutely fine too. I admit I often do that. Hopefully you vacation will give you much need time to catch up and take some time to breathe too. It could be just the break you need in this adjustment period. Really looking forward to your take on this too as I realised when nominating that, although no pressure, as a writer then reading is something that goes hand in hand 🙂

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      • I’m not sure what happened, my dear friend….my mind must be trying to do too many things at once–and, falling short. Yes, two weeks of relaxing, reading, drinking any number of fancy herbal teas, adding pages to my first draft of my novel-in-progress, listening to hours of music, reading and writing blog posts, and drinking in the beauty of nature is going to be a luxury sure to give me a huge boost 🙂 I’m feeling really good, but I do need a bit of a break from cumulative work responsibilities. Thank you for caring and making a point for letting me know you are happy for me 🙂 Your support is soooo uplifting 🙂 How are you feeling? You have a full-time job that never ends (parenting) on top of writing and networking, and supporting/encouraging/connecting with so many. 🙂

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        • That is something I do understand. Too many dissimilar things going on simultaneously can really affect motivation and drive as you never quite know where to start! Two weeks off should help you ease back and find yourself again. If you can add to your book then that will be a really positive step too. I’m slowly getting there; many things I have had to pass up on recently as I have just too much going on as per the above. I have decided to write a project book and get everything I need to do wrt writing and blogging down and then start a more scheduled method to begin thinning things out. It might even work!! 🙂

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    • Hi Donna, thank you for popping over, especially from Janice’s meet and greet. I’ve know her since I started blogging and a lot of people I know now have come via her! A lot of my writing is buried in the blog roll; one reason I mentioned the re-theme so people new to my efforts can find it quickly. I shall be over to your blog shortly; just realised I am a child taxi service to a party soon!!!!!!


  3. What the what? I came back to reply to my original reply saying thanks for the nomination, but I don’t see it… dang brain playing tricks on me again… *sigh*

    At any rate, thanks for the nomination, and as you’re well aware of by now, I’ve done did ya!

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    • Shhhh, eavesdropping is part of character dialogue research. Clearly we aren’t really embracing what’s going on at all! I tried cafes, but just can’t focus properly. Odd thing is when I write I get so immersed I can blank virtually anything else out. I’d call that really useful except stopping leaves my head in the fiction world for quite a while afterwards so if it’s a pretty deep scene then emotional rollercoaster is the aftermath!!


      • I love eavesdropping! Just ask my kids they’ll tell you I know no shame! My favourite eavesdropping places are trains, (I’ve had loads of ideas whilst flitting to different places!) Or shopping centres – perhaps because I work part-time in retail. Studying people is very interesting…. And you’re right writing is utterly absorbing!

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  5. WOW Gary, what an honor and privilege to be mentioned and listed here. A second what Ritu said ‘great answers’. You’re a pro and I am not in the same league or close to that. I read ‘recipe books’ as you read your books! I will do my best to respond to this as soon as possible. 🙂

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