Dead Man Walking III

Author: G. Jefferies

On the next waking he sensed his grip on the past failing fast. All save one that came to him in a dream deep inside the unconscious abyss. The girl he saw was bewitched and vacant. Her dress ripped down to the waist exposing skin and breast red with blood that seeped from two wounds in her neck. Runes were etched on each wall and upon the floor was drawn a massive pentagram whose points were connected by a circle of white. Continue reading “Dead Man Walking III”

Dead Man Walking – Two

Author: G. Jefferies

Wayland found consciousness  on the journey back as the cart rumbled over uneven ground and wagon ruts baked under the sun. He was under damp sacking which offered some relief from the heat above but his body felt on fire. Strange deliriums walked across his mind. Dragons weaving and scorching the earth and strange creatures flying overhead though he knew his eyes were not ready to open. He could hear hushed voices in the front of the palanquin. They sounded concerned, almost scared.

Continue reading “Dead Man Walking – Two”

Dead Man Walking

Author: G. Jefferies

Her head was on his shoulder. He could feel it growing damp and knew she was weeping. Something inside his mind was screaming get her away from here. She has the power of foresight. He shook it off, but the pounding in his chest would not let go. Instincts were generating fear. It was now dark. Time had flowed fast and the sun was beyond the horizon leaving an orange glow in the wisps of cloud that drifted beyond the river.

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