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Dragon Stone; Originalis

When the sun sets before nightfall and mist flows like blood, it’s too late to run.

Dead Man Walking III

In response to a request I am posting one more piece on Waylands journey. It is not a full tale…so read it not for that. It is what it is…no more spoliers !!

Dead Man Walking – Two

Author: G. Jefferies     Wayland found consciousness ¬†on the journey back as the cart rumbled over uneven ground and wagon ruts baked under the sun. He was under damp sacking which offered some relief from the heat above but his body felt on fire. Strange deliriums walked across his mind. Dragons weaving and scorching the earth and strange creatures flying overhead though he knew his eyes were not ready to open. He could hear hushed voices in the front of the palanquin. They sounded concerned, almost scared.

Dead Man Walking

Book Two of maybe in three of the opus magna. Wayland, son of a Blacksmith, is destined for more than village life. This is part of the start of his journey into the unknown. The old life dying and a new one driving him insane.