Quote Challenge Day # 1

I received this quote challenge a few days ago from Intentergy. At the time life was being stubborn, it still is after a drediting fashion, so delay was inevitable but I have decided upon a theme for my response….genius to insanity.

Beginning with genius; Albert Einstein on idiocy.

Quote number one




This is an interesting ponderance if the premiss begins with technology makes our lives easier. At what point does it turn to so easy that unnoticed laziness becomes the norm? Creeping up like that slow cataract formation degrading vision over time but not noticed properly until things are opaque. An elderly friend had this very issue until they were removed and lo, let there be light…not going blind after all. of course the same parallel (same dimension but different point in time) found a similar eye related epiphany upon slowly crawling from the back row in a school classroom to the front row. In this case a young friend asked me if I could see properly. After the normalised rebuff and denial an eye test suggested corrective myopic measures be taken and lo, trees were not just bunches of green. They had leaves and stuff. The back of the classroom was mine again 😁


Quote number two




Infinity is a strange beast. How big is it and finite it must be on the basis there are an infinite number of, well, numbers between 1 and 2 but the summation of this infinite series is in fact 2. There are other weird examples involving fractions and decimals but this is not the stuff of philosophical debate but a series on idiocy fronted by a genius…although, topically, both terms are relative. For those that know me the words ‘to be clear’ will immediately conjure up my thoughts on politicos as they set about a twenty minute (on a good day) diatribe being precisely the opposite. Oddly they seem to gather large followings by saying nothing of substance at all. Contentious it may be, but I suspect the category here is not infinite and Einsteins quote is genius πŸ€”


Quote number 3




Not too disparate from quote number two and obviously Einstein Β thought much on this subject inbetween relativity and general theories pertaining to it and many more. I resist mentioning politicos here but one may ask the question…why is Homer Simpson funny? If humour reflects real life then the infamous DOH clearly (political gibberish now follows de facto) meant of us iterate tasks without change on a daily basis. An example might be vocalising at failing inanimate objects, namely technology, that is somehow humanised in moments of DOH that declares them stupid. It is highly possible I fall foul of this form of idiocy πŸ€”


Rules of the challenge

(Copied from the nomination by Intentergy’s post)


If you accept the challenge, post 1-3 quotes for three days and nominate three other wonderfully talented bloggers to the challenge as well.

For my part I’d like to see if the following three bloggers will participate, although at this point in time I’m not sure if I’m supposed to nominate three bloggers per day…these are picked from commenters as penitence for, well, being brilliant enough to stop by. On the assumption it’s a daily nomination process if you would like to be nominated brush aside the tumbleweed below and let me know otherwise I’ll just pick some more illustrious commenters and it could be you anyway πŸ™ƒ


  1. Trulyunplugged
  2. Β Aura With Writing
  3. Writing Wrong Things


Think of it as shameless blog cross promotion if it pleases you more 😁






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