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Inspirational Kindness

Author: G. Jefferies     And so ends week six of the Niki Lopez Kindness challenge. Another thoughtful exercise into people that have been inspirational influences on life. This has been a challenge in itself. So many and how to condense them into one post!

The Kindness Clause

Author: G. Jefferies     A week ago, although it seems rather longer, Niki Lopez initiated a challenge. Not the sort I’d normally do because it’s one that drags you inside yourself to explore stuff that usually gets boxed up and ignored. Part of that default mind. The one that runs day to day business without too much thinking, well, apart from catastrophising that is.

Quote Challenge Day # 1

I received this quote challenge a few days ago from Intentergy. At the time life was being stubborn, it still is after a drediting fashion, so delay was inevitable but I have decided upon a theme for my response….genius to insanity. Beginning with genius; Albert Einstein on idiocy.