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Catastrophising is a word I encountered recently in a mindfulnes course. Full application on internal mental WFT arrived last Eve when Windows 10 popped up a nugget of information saying your data drives stuffed, back it up pronto because I’m not turning on again until it’s fixed.

Wonderful thinks I but duly took notice and lobbed the contents onto an empty SSD drive.Then ran the disk checker. All seemed fine so off to bed goes I. Turns out Windows 10 was not fibbing.

It really meant “I’m not turning on until it’s fixed.”

Good fortune however, the result of being a paranoid writer…get thee two internal hard drives, two SSD drives and an external drive; not to mention cloud and Dropbox. Upshot was, remove afflicted drive and computer say yes. New one ordered.

Moral…if Windows 10 says a drive going down back up and replace or I’m not turning on again then do exactly what it says onΒ the tin…or screen as the case may be. Dead important if you don’t want to crawl into the case and unplug the faulty drive…which, incidentally, will result in computer saying yes and booting up…unless it’s the one hosting the operating system. In which case it won’t. Whole new ball game that one.

Me being me did crawl into the case and offending drive is now sat on the shelf looking mighty sad under a post it note with expletives written on it. In truth interacting with the innards af the case is unavoidable thinking about it and nowhere near as complicated as some tech guy asking for cash to fix it is going to make out!

Lesson…do not EVER have everything real important on one drive. Make sure your hard worked data is NOT on the same drive as the operating system and back up to anything you possibly can.

Was I lucky? Nah, not really…I’ve got more drives than I really need…but for a moment…just a moment…the mind was heading off to greet the very word I started this diatribe on…catastrophising….


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  1. Perfect word! Uh oh! I don’t have any back ups! I can hear you screaming “Noooooo!!” all the way across the pond!
    I enjoyed this post, as I always do. Your mind is such an interesting place to visit!!
    Write on, Gary! Write on!

    1. It got better with Computer Say Yes!

      But, seriously…no back ups…terrible that is. Cloud storage and USB drives post haste…learn not the hard way like me !!

      Trust me, my mind is not a good place to visit…it’s all wrong and full of gibber jabber !!

        1. Very true…until Computer say No, then it’s backwards all the way! Mind you, in my case novel manuscripts….can’t afford not to have them backed up all over 😱

  2. Thanks for introducing me to ‘Catastrophising’. What a fun way to talk about drives and computers! πŸ˜€ Good advice of saving important data on a different drive. We never know, when the OS crashes.

    1. That’s the word used on mindfulness courses for describing the default mind that ponders past mistakes and negativity. Very useful when Computer Say No! Along with a goodly range of abusive vocabulary to hurl at the machine to make you feel better 😁

    1. Thanks for following Dave although reciprocating was not essential lol. The first time this happened to me was a case of never thought about it too. I am now entirely the opposite and suffering overkill on storage media. Once bitten twice shy type of thing. Good luck with the uber story chase though!

  3. Back up, back up, back up – is what I always hear from bloggers and that is indeed true. I’m not that technology savvy but the hubs takes care of that part for me πŸ˜€

    1. Too right. I learnt the lesson a few years ago myself. I know always have two internal data drives and an external one…and then there are the USB sticks…loads of them…

      Have to admit though being tech savvy does save cash. 😁

      Thanks for commenting too!!

    1. I’m not certain delightful featured in my moment. ‘Tis why the post it note was filled with stern language telling an inanimate object how annoying it is. However, one decided to rant upon this vexing trial because I will guarantee out there are people suffering the same fate and if just one of them decides to back up their media then my work is done 😊

      Glad you found it amusing though…it was intended to draw smiles πŸ˜‡

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