Ripples in Time: Rose

Rose is at a cemetery looking for plot 14; the home of a small child that died too soon. Her mind is prone to wandering and if anyone watched “The Prisoner” it might hold memories.

This is a very short extract from the finished book; a book wanting to be published.She turned onto the path above the map circle drawn by Tina, “Fourteen’s that away.”

The Prisoner tune by Iron Maiden opened in her head; by-product of misspent youth in a rock and goth phase. She preferred the latter and lived in blacks and purples with assorted accents in her hair. And jewellery – bangles and crosses; silver of course. All very lycanthrope unfriendly. The song started with a quote from that late sixties T.V. show of the same name.

Her parents were keen to point out every time she whacked the album track on. “That’s stolen from Patrick McGoohan; he played Number Six you know.”

All Rose could think was who and what? Besides numbers one and two on the album dialogue meant something entirely different with toddlers so stick that into your weird bouncing balls. The memory almost made her laugh until she remembered that might be somewhat inappropriate. Sort of thing that would get Rover the big white balloon thing bouncing across the graves to chastise her. Pub Quiz night had a lot to answer for.

In The Schizoid Man episode of The Prisoner what was named onscreen only once and, for two points, what was the name used in the book based on the series entitled “The Prisoner: Number Two” by David McDaniel.

Derrick had looked most solemn whilst writing down The Bar Lords answers; obviously it was Rover and Guardian. You’d have to be stupid not to know that. Rose had called him a nerd and Derrick threatened her with unemployment.

They got on marvellously after that.

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  1. Great tidbit of the story! And what funny timing – hubby & I just watched (for the 99th time) “Silver Streak.” At one point, I said, “hey, the Avengers guy” and Jim said, “Nope, The Prisoner guy.” *grin*

    Looking forward to reading the whole thing! 😀

    1. As I recall this was put up due to a similar funny timing conversation. Whether the whole thing matches what you think it might be is quite scary too! Somehow I knew you’d remember The Prisoner lol

    1. Thank you again 😊 Exercpts are one thing. The whole book as a, well, book is another matter entirely. I’m hoping to get it edited and off as a manuscript to two people next week. That will be the acid test. Thanks for reading this snippet though 😊

    1. Hi Janice,
      I know, bit of a blast from the past and no idea his or why it ended up in my novel but as my epilogue says at the end I am not an author in this book but a biographer for Rose. Yes you may question sanity in respect of a fictional character but they speak to me in strange ways :-/

        1. It’s the sort of thing I like to drift into text as part of character development when they are thinking. Never quite sure if it works but time will tell on that. Have to get it published first and this is why I’m trying this social networking thing in readiness for launch date…for me this is all quite nerve wracking. I know nothing about blog design and/or traffic pulling. Then I figured who does when they first start so after much prevarication I decided January this year was a good time to have a bash…so to speak !

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