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A to Z Challenge; Emily Louise LeSage. #AtoZchallenge

When a sibling passes on the remaining grieve. When the sibling is an identical twin then mirrors are your enemy.

A to Z Challenge; David Arthur Williams. #AtoZchallenge

There is much to say about Dave. A man lost in paradox, watchman over tomorrow’s grave, guardian of a cemetery and crematorium and traveller between worlds…

A to Z Challenge; Chloe Elizabeth LeSage. #AtoZchallenge

Death is never an easy topic. More so a child’s, and even greater is the pain if it leaves half a twin behind as collateral damage.

Half A Twin – Ripples in Time

This was the piece that inspired a dream concerning two worlds and half a twin in each. It’s now bigger than one book. Multiple dimensions, chronomancy, Wizards, dragons, witch queens and…our world. The Necromancer is coming.

Ripples in Time

Rose is at a cemetery looking for plot 14; the home of a small child that died too soon. Her mind is prone to wandering and if anyone watched “The Prisoner” it might hold memories. This is a very short extract from the finished book; a book wanting to be published.