The Assent of Rose Marie Gray

Author: G. Jefferies

Rose remembered screaming as the brightness engulfed her. The point of no return. Too late to change your mind, made another mistake, actually I don’t want to die like this. The pain was not so bad although her head really ached like someone was hammering her temples and sticking a hot needle up through the base of her skull. Not so bad is relative she decided. Josh had been worse. Although, if some states of mind were to be believed, he was having a bad time of his own right now. The sort of bad thing where time actually had caught him up and said “Now my boy, time for us to kick your ass for a change.”

That was a pretty good thought as it happened. As was having two kids and finding out somebody actually thought she was pretty. Not that terrible really after all.

Shame she’d taken the door her imaginary, or maybe real, friend had said was death. The one she knew folk went through and never came back. Or, maybe they went through to some place else and couldn’t come back? Rebecca wouldn’t know that would she? All she would know is being abandoned and left behind with the fear that this way was bad. Very, very bad. Somewhere to be shunned.

Then she found the middle door and that was that. Tower cracked and broken as her mind slowly moved into another place leaving the real world behind; save for a few odd moments when she had called out for help. Rose clung to to that. Maybe it’s not a bad place this one. Then the darkness began taking hold and her mind slipped away.

This book is complete and filed with a growing number of writings and worlds waiting for publication.

© G Jefferies and Fictionisfood, 2016. All rights reserved.

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    1. Ye Gods Judy, I’ve spent half an hour in my spam folder staring at comments that have somehow appeared in it; including this one!!! So sorry about that and thank you for reading this. It’s actually part of a completed manuscript and I’ve only put one or two samples of it up on here so far! Quite different from my other writing on here too 🙂

        1. Up until this month I’ve virtually had no erroneous spam entries. That, alas, has made me complacent about looking. Hence forth, one must check more often! I couldn’t believe it when I saw your name there in truth! Hopefully it now recognises you though 😊

    1. Generous as ever Traci; this one I think you would like because for Rose reality is blurred at this point and, as ever, things are not quite as they might seem 🙂

        1. Awww thankyou, but there’s some serious weird stuff in my mind and, in the words yet to be seen by blog world! I am fearful they might differ wildly from what folk read here lol

  1. I really do understand about how anxiety-inducing it can be to “put your writing out there”…although, for me, it became daunting after I’d written and gotten great feed back on the first couple posts…suddenly, I was struck by the fear that I couldn’t keep it up…and, then, the initial– effortlessly-fun aspect of writing–was replaced by intense worries and negative self-talk/hyper self-criticism….however I conquered that mental block (just barely) and am somewhere between the “ignorance is bliss” and, oh-Lord-everything-is-riding-on-this thinking. So, I do know how invaluable favourable feedback is…and, I am determined to give it, honestly—and lavishly. I mean every word I say and would not exaggerate in order to make someone happy. I have always had a great appreciation for excellence and can easily recognize it–and reacting to it/acknowledging it is something I do not shy away from….it is part of my temperament 🙂

    1. Well explained for a mad woman 🤔 No offence meant…because all the best people are…I read that somewhere before…ooh…have you seen the new trailer yet? Off topic but you simply must!!

      I agree too re time. I’ve tried to juggle social media with Facebook (have you like my author page yet 😇), Twitter, Scriggler, Google Plus, here….and edit the above book while interfacing with life. It’s handy I can post here though and it hurls it to the other platforms automatically. That was a bonus! Feedback too is rather pointless if it’s not honest and constructive. I appreciate that so much.

      Thank you again 😇

  2. Gary, this, as with every other writing of yours, reads like a real novel…so professional and accomplished and allows me to read without fear of being brought up short by a misstep indicative of a well-intentioned, self-concious wannabe (no disrespect to aspiring writers). You are so meant to do this 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Well that’s good to know because computer say posts are the only ones that are not involved in books 🤔 Well, apart from the memoirs but now I’m thinking piscatorial ramblings anthology…so they might be book bound too. I still fight the demons inside though. Terrible things them 😱

      But with comments like this….have at you Literary Agent that might read this when trolling my presence before offering to take me on…just, well, have at you!

      1. It makes me so happy to know that I can do any little thing to help you override any self doubt….even if you still have doubt, it doesn’t matter as long as it doesn’t stop you from writing….you have such a gift and you work so hard….the psychology of the process cannot be underestimated…the demons can be so daunting….much like that horrifying nightmare-inducing excerpt you wrote that just popped into my mind 🙂

        1. The scariest thing about starting to blog (as you probably found yourself in the beginning) is what if people read it and think that’s crap. Positive reader comments are highly inspiring. They make it worth doing. Readers like you are worth more than you could possibly imagine. 😊

          Although…if you found the nocturnal reflections haunting, then you seriously don’t want to know more about Wayland in Dead Man Walking 😁

  3. Thank you for the kind words. In my humble opinion knowing how story writing works is not so important as a reader. From my perspective my role is to try and craft something that people like you can read and if you find it easy to get into then it validates my role as the author. Believe me, I am a terrible self critic and doubt it all the time. It’s one reason I eventually plucked up the courage to share things in this blog. To answer the over arching questions; is it ant good? Am I wasting my time? Will anybody actually like it, view it, comment on it? Will snippets make them wonder what happens next?

    All of the content on the blog are extracts from books I’m working on or, in this pieces case, editing now with the intention to publish. On the main page if you click on the Assent category on the right it should pull up all the samples from this particular book if you want to read a few more exercpts.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to look 😊

  4. I don’t know much about story writing, but I find this actually good. I love how detailed this is, in a way that it feeds through my imagination. It makes the characters more alive! Hats off to you!

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