The Grim

Author: G. Jefferies


A goodly word. It suggests solemnity and dark views upon this world. Or a mood that is abyssal and filled with miasmic melancholy that those of the light simply fail to understand. It is the room that has no windows. Oppressive and unforgiving. Lying in wait for an unsuspecting moment when the ego stumbles and comes crashing down into the bowels of the earth. It is here that Grim becomes your friend.

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    1. I use it as a noun in this context…rightly or wrongly….and if you zone into the world of that sensation I rather think it is a catch all goodly word….imagine ‘You OK?’ Reply, ‘The Grim’
      Instant understanding…and a nod of condolence…
      Ummm, you make as much sense as me here 🤔

        1. I rather think this one is more understanding the context in which it is used. Goths would get it and nod, shiny happy people might frown and roll eyes and those touched by the Grim will pause, nod and show commiseration…or something like that….ish….sort of 🤔

            1. It is the token of ones own times of Grim being empathised with in others…and, perhaps, remembering it is not a place to visit often yes? Does that count as glass half full 🤔

                1. Excellent point. Never to be visited often if at all possible. See this conversation has got me thinking of a mindfulness post on the very subject 🤔

                    1. I need something like a wildfire to catch up on two weeks of empty blogging. I need more hours in the day….Grim (on topic) stuff indeed!

                    2. Gary, in the words of a famous princess: Let it Gooooo. sometimes I just delete all the blogging emails for that day. Sshh!! And you know what?? It was ok! No one sent me a nasty email demanding to know why I didn’t read, and comment that day!!
                      Hey, who needs to sleep, right?? lol
                      Oh ho! Great pun, son!

                    3. I do that very frequently…with the influx on my other account for Twitter, combined the load is way too heavy. I’d never get anything done…EVER! Goes back to friend Janice…HOW???

                    4. I fear I have no alternate theories either. Question is, who have we befriended? The real deal or a clone 🤔

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