The Room That Swallows People

After posting a short extract from a piece called An Absent Child a few kind readers asked for more concerning the series. This is the first part. Posted two years ago before my blog was similarly swallowed by time. For those who have already trolled back, I apologise, but for those who are new to my writing enjoy or turn and run away. It is not for me to decide what’s good or bad but for you as readers to let me know, and if the latter, why?

The paranormal brothers Carmichael witness the demise of an out of time woman in a room with an appetite.

Source: The Room That Swallows People

Computer Say No

Author: G. Jefferies




Catastrophising is a word I encountered recently in a mindfulnes course. Full application on internal mental WFT arrived last Eve when Windows 10 popped up a nugget of information saying your data drives stuffed, back it up pronto because I’m not turning on again until it’s fixed. Continue reading “Computer Say No”

The Assent of Rose Marie Gray

Author: G. Jefferies

Rose remembered screaming as the brightness engulfed her. The point of no return. Too late to change your mind, made another mistake, actually I don’t want to die like this. The pain was not so bad although her head really ached like someone was hammering her temples and sticking a hot needle up through the base of her skull. Not so bad is relative she decided. Josh had been worse. Continue reading “The Assent of Rose Marie Gray”

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