The Crux Anthology. Sixteen Authors From Around The Globe in One Book. Out 26 November 2018.

There was once a short story competition. The winners now find themselves about to be published. Some for the very first time….

Introducing The Crux Anthology: Short Stories by 16 International Authors.




What, you might be wondering, is this all about? The months-long hard work and dedication of sixteen authors from across the globe, culminating in our 298-page book of short stories!

The Crux Anthology is jam-packed with adventurous, unique, and new stories of both science fiction and the fantastical. No two stories are alike, and readers will find themselves transported out of the mundane.

I’m rather proud to say that my own story sits alongside those within the covers of this book. Sitting neatly on the front cover alongside winners of the Adventure, Sci-Fi and Fantasy (ASF) short story competition run by Rachael Ritchey.

For those that know my writing here, it’s not my usual. Neither horror or fantasy. The God Strain was originally written way back for the BlogBattle that I’m now part of. It’s now been edited and adjusted, and runs as a somewhat apocalyptic event with a twist on viral pandemics. It has the seeds of something that could be turned into a novel, providing I can find a mechanism to stop it.

Publication is imminent and lands officially on 26 November 2018. That said pre-orders are available now.


How to Get The Crux Anthology

(Official Release date 26 November 2018)


Kindle on Amazon US

Kindle on Amazon UK

Barnes and Noble

Kobo UK. Link will vary depending on location.

Also available in the iTunes Store.






More Great News

Through Amazon’s Matchbook program, any time you purchase the print version you’ll get a free Kindle copy.

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You can find The Crux Anthology on GoodReads now too. Most of us are listed as GoodReads authors too and you can follow us there by clicking on the author name under the book title. That said mines just been accepted and is thus brand new and waiting on a profile image. Well, full input from me. That will follow once I’ve got my photo back from a studio shoot.

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26 thoughts on “The Crux Anthology. Sixteen Authors From Around The Globe in One Book. Out 26 November 2018.

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    1. Many thanks and I did spot the Amazon review too. Bit of a shocker lol.

      It is a great read as it happens. Such a diverse genre collection so while readers might not like some there’s plenty of others that may best fit their reading choices… at least I thought so. Lol

            1. I refer you to a Waterstones Tweet after today’s O2 outage… “That’s what books are for.” Which reminds me, have a major update on my GoodReads reading challenge to do 😱

  1. Woop Woop ! Congratulations dear Gary !
    Adding it to my list to read and also on my list to share this intriguing book on my Dreampack website 🙂

    1. Thank you Patty😊 Its a bit unreal having a GoodReads and Amazon author profile now too. I need to set aside time now to get this blog upgraded too. Really must get a book out soon too. 😱

      1. Well, as they say, it will keep you from the streets 🙂 And remember my offer regarding your website? Still stands 😉
        Dinner time over here, bit later as usual, but really need to eat NOW, haha
        Until… Hugs! XxX

    1. Thanks Hugh, most credit has to go to Rachael though. She compiled and did the artwork so kudos there. Not a bad way to end 2018 though! Cheers for the support!

  2. I am in an anthology called Dark Visions it was published intime for Halloween. I am still excited to know the honour of others chosing my story to sit beside so many great authors. So I know how you must feel. I wish you and the book well. Great work Gary.

    1. Oh blast it. I totally missed that Ellen. Then again I had an extended set of parenting issues going on through October and September. Killed my social media unfortunately. I’ll definitely dig up yours now though!

      It is quite an honour to get picked though. There are some fantastic writers all pitching in and not knowing the judges is always scary. Thanks for your support as always too 😊

    1. Thanks Gloria… big team effort and proceeds above print costs are going to Compassion International. Lovely gesture by Rachael I thought 😊

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