2017 Kindness Challenge Sign-up!

Sign-up is open for the 2nd annual Kindness Challenge! Click on the photo to be redirected to the sign-up page! Last year we had over 80 participate and focus on kindness for 7 weeks.

Source: 2017 Kindness Challenge Sign-up!

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    1. My pleasure Marie. Always nice to meet new bloggers and enjoy their posts…even if my nemesis TIME often prohibits visits. Well, and posting this year so far….hoping to restore that balance shortly. Many thanks for commenting too 😊

  1. Hello I’m a 17 year-old person, I’m keen on reading and looking ahead to being a write. Thus, I would like to hear from you, some tips that would help me increase my general knowledge. And thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Bilal, apologies for the delay getting back to you. As for tips, they are legion in number. First one, if you are intending to write fiction Stephen King has a book call “On Writing” which is something I’d recommend reading. It gives his take on how he writes and the journey through his writing career. His approach is very much like mine. There are thousands of courses and advice on technical aspects (Novakovich has a detailed book on that), but for me that doesn’t work so well. Figure out what your real interests are and use those to create with. At first it feels awkward, but with practice (like anything) you will find (hopefully) what is know as your writing voice. With me that engages the story and makes it fluid so I don’t fret about the technicalities like plot and story arc, character sheets and so on. First draft is ALL about getting the story down. Nothing else, grammar, plot strengthening and so on are the remit of editing subsequent a drafts. Also never expect a brilliant story on the FIRST draft. You should have a story yes, but crafting it into the read deal comes later. With practice, however, your first drafts will improve. Also read books from a writers view point too. Look at opening lines, paragraph structure, word use and look for where the plot speeds up ot slows down to keep the reader on edge. In time you will see where the transitions kick in when the books move from middle into the ending sections. Very good authors make this seamless, poor ones make it obvious. IMO, technical approaches might contribute to that if you apply it too rigidly. As for genre…write what you know. It will be more natural. Also look out for flash fiction and short story competitions or challenges. Bloggers throw those out all the time and they are brilliant places to practice. If you want to do a course then try https://www.futurelearn.com
      They run a FREE course called “Creative Writing.” It’s global access too. I did it a few years back and it opens your eyes to different approaches, including the Novakovich method, how to do and receive critical feedback in reviews, sets you writing tasks to share with other users and more. Fabulous community too. Hope some of that helps 😊

    1. It is and Nikki is a wonderfully inspiring blogger. Looking forward to seeing your posts on it too! In fact, it’s a great way to meet new bloggers from all niches too. I believe the sign up this year is going to be huge too. Many thanks for the follow and comment…oh and the sign up 😊

    1. Thank you so much Marije for spreading the word about the challenge. Last year it was a very good experience and I made loads of new friends from it too. I believe participation this year will be much higher too. Looking forward to seeing your take on it too 😊

    1. Thank you Patty. The more people that sign up the better the experience will beef or everyone reading others thoughts and participating 😊

        1. I know! Times totally flying here. Thanks for asking too…just had a few writing things to sort out. I’m also about to write a post notification that my theme is going to change so a few things might look odd until I’ve figured out the new layout. Heads up too. On the 10th I’m posting the official cover release for Niki’s book (challenge owner). I’m hoping to pick up blogging again soon too. Hope alls well with you x

          1. Aha, being very creative! Always good 😉
            Yep, enrolled in a study and my two dogs keeping me very occupied. One because of old age, the other because she is a naughty one. And then there is that man, ah I remember my husband, who needs attention too 😉
            Till soon! XxX

            1. I’m not so sure if it was creative or self destructive! I have a huge to do list as a result of my social media assessment. Not to mention start submitting my book and finishing another!! What’s the study you enrolled in?? anything exciting? The last bit made me laugh too…go get that attention sorted lol

              1. Don’t forget to breath, more specific, to breath out too hahaha
                Well, as a Dutch saying goes..it keeps you off the street 🙂
                And last but not least: nobody said that practicing your passion won’t evolve hard work 😛
                But seriously, looking forward to read all that new material, will keep a close eye on your blog.
                Are you sitting down? The study is called: Existential Well-being Counseling – a person-centered Experiential Approach. It’s via an online platform, this one provided by a Belgium University and in English.
                Loving it so far, but its demanding. Time-wise as personal feelings/emotions roaring up again.
                Fortunately my husband got promoted and his new job is keeping him very occupied, so I have more hours during the day to finish my to-do-lists and since love seems to go through the stomach by men, I have just enough time to prepare a delicious meal for him. hihi

                1. Good job you mentioned breathing out !! Nearly forgot that. Good saying that is, I must remember it.
                  And how cool is that! I did a few on-line courses last year too including one on mindfulness. Good courses are, or should be, demanding. Keeps the grey matter working…although mine spends great amounts of time developing procrastination side-lines lol. Must stay focussed…in fact must get this blog updated too! Finalised the cover reveal post during this exchange though 🙂

                  1. Ah, yes..that procrastination thing…guilty too 😉
                    Wow, a man who can multi-task! 🙂
                    And know I really have to go…until…Always a pleasure chatting with you! Big hug, XxX

                    1. I know, its a terrible affliction. I just pruned some shrubs!! I have a theory upon multi-tasking in that its not exclusive to women; its more the domain of raising children as the primary carer. You have no choice but to multi-task.. and guess what I did 🙂

                    2. hm…I don’t have children…and good at multi-tasking…sorry, but I think that theory is not holding up.
                      What about this theory; people in general are capable of more things, than they think they are capable of…

                    3. I rather think your amendment embraces my theorum too. It’s very easy in work environs to become linear in thinking. Certainly I found the change from that to doing half a dozen unconnected things at once quite different. No option, but to adapt kind of thing. You may be onto something 😊

    1. Thank you so much 😊 I’m promoting this for Niki all over the place. You going to give it a go? It’s in May and it’s a really good challenge in terms of positive outlook. It really makes you think. I did it last year too 😊

        1. It is and some of the posts it generates from everyone who signs up are fabulous. You really find out much more about the blogger behind the blog too !

    1. Ha…not an ounce of horror in those posts at all! I’m multidimensional me lol….Niki is brilliant too, I think you will like her….but don’t tell her I keep saying that 😊

    1. Fear not…I remember you my dark friend…and…I will wager, deep inside you, there is a small ember burning wishing people were nicer, politicians spoke truths and the media reported news instead of gibberish un-sourced jibber jabber. For people like us….the word CHALLENGE is the key lol

      How goes things with you? I must pop over and annoy your blog 💀

      1. I’m the same ole same ole. Spent Christmas alone, as usual.
        I’m pretty sure my dark and twisty has all but snuffed out my bright and shiny. LOL
        Pop on over….more dark and twisty, though. 🙂

        1. Then part of my previous post was reflecting on dark souls like you over this shiny happy period. Often hits home at this time of year with melancholia drip feeding in. You just need to mingle with former gothic minds more and let us in as friends. We can all happily sit in the darkness together 👀

    1. Hi Miriam, long time no see…my fault really as time has sped past and, while I want to read every post, there are times it’s not possible with other things going on! I’m told by other bloggers this is not unusual though! It’s an excellent challenge in self reflection and life outlook. I did it last year too. Niki is really excellent setting it up too; very keen on self motivation and mindfulness. Worth a look if you haven’t already. Will try and catch up on your blog soon 😊

      1. It’s my fault too Gary, you’re right , time has sped by and there’s just not enough of it to read everything we’d like to. I did the kindness challenge this year and it was definitely worthwhile so no doubt I’ll hop on board again in May. Happy New Year to you Gary.

        1. I found it really easy when I started blogging…couple of followers, no problem! Now it’s frustrating not being able to catch up everywhere I’d like to. Heck, there is one blog I was following a story on and now I can’t even find it!!! Might throw something on this into a post for the challenge in May. Really hope to see you on it too and a very Happy New Year to you too 😊

            1. I had a revelation doing NaNoMoWri in November. I had to seriously drop social media to hit the wordcount. It showed me that to write properly I have to reduce the amount of time keeping tabs on everyone, otherwise book projects would never get finished. I think it’s a balance between life and what time you can honesty tune into here. I guess people with larger followings than me all have to find that as their blogs develop. Doesn’t stop the not visit guilt though !!!

              1. I know, we all have that guilt. You’re right though Gary, it’s all about finding that balance. Most bloggers understand. Happy new year to you. 🍷

                1. So good to know it’s not just me that agonises over not blog reading all the time. Balance is key…like I said, earlier…this has to be part of a mindfulness post on the challenge !! Really hope next year is better than our politicos and media are making out 🤔

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