A to Z Challenge; Houghton Fengrave. #AtoZchallenge

“Sometimes it is easy to consider evil corruption as personal possession, the land upon which people build might hold the malice inherent.” Jeremiah Delalande, The Book of The Exorcist.

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A to Z Challenge; Ghost in the Machine. #AtoZchallenge

1875, the year Marsh Bank House was fired by Jonathan Webster. Inside was Elisabeth Beechwood, her husband lay dead already.

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A to Z Challenge; Fire-starter. #AtoZchallenge

“When you play with fire in a ghost house then expect to get burned.” Diary of Jonathan Webster, insane. Incarcerated, Bethlem Royal Hospital, 1876.

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A to Z Challenge; Emily Louise LeSage. #AtoZchallenge

When a sibling passes on the remaining grieve. When the sibling is an identical twin then mirrors are your enemy.

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A to Z Challenge; David Arthur Williams. #AtoZchallenge

There is much to say about Dave. A man lost in paradox, watchman over tomorrow’s grave, guardian of a cemetery and crematorium and traveller between worlds…

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A to Z Challenge; Chloe Elizabeth LeSage. #AtoZchallenge

Death is never an easy topic. More so a child’s, and even greater is the pain if it leaves half a twin behind as collateral damage.

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A to Z Challenge; The Black. #AtoZchallenge

“There are other words than these.” So said Jake as he fell after the Gunslinger let go of him in his chase for the magician Walter. King spoke true. There are many worlds stacked above each other.
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Elisabeth Awakens



Returning from their vacation, the Brothers Carmichael waste no time revisiting the sinister Marsh Bank House. A Victorian manse with secrets inside that are starting to wake up… Continue reading

The Dead Men of Dunharrow


Having escaped the crypt where the Templars fell, the Brothers Carmichael turn to a vacation in Wales. Visiting a castle ruins to relax and take in some history. What can go wrong?

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The Monks of War


The morning after the night before and the paranormal brothers find a visit to another point on the pentagram rather more than mere observation. Continue reading