Witchcraft and Conspiracy

Author; G. Jefferies

In a pub in Compton, the paranormal brothers are trying to makes sense of their recent investigations. Rumour and hauntings begin to find a common purpose. Trouble is they are two points short of a pentagram. Continue reading “Witchcraft and Conspiracy”

Ghost Walk

Author G. Jefferies

This is part three of the story that is serialised on my blog. I say story, but it’s really a sequence of short fiction pieces that find themselves being drawn inexorably together. This one moves away from the house to find the paranormal investigators watching what might be a ghost or the eerie sound of a fox barking. Continue reading “Ghost Walk”

An Absent Child Revisited

Author: G. Jefferies

An Absent Child Revisited is the sequel to The Room That Swallows People, a piece written some time ago. This version is the full version of An Absent Child that was put up two months ago. I decided to give the fuller tale here detailing the room itself with the intention of putting up other pieces of this series later. Continue reading “An Absent Child Revisited”

The God Strain II

Author: G. Jefferies

OK, so this is new. Thanks to Rachael Ritchey I started a last five blog battle words bit of fun including this ones ‘surfer’. Alas I had to come up with a new one for this, my inaugural attempt at chucking something totally alien to me. However, in spite of not being able to use The God Strain here, you’ve got an add on. Not sure it works but this will tell me if there’s more than the short story it began with….maybe…. Continue reading “The God Strain II”

The God Strain

Author: G. Jefferies

Smithy was duplicitous. On the one hand he worked in a state of the art research facility combating rare viral diseases. In the other he was where he was now. Stuffed up; the equivalent of Frankenstein’s monster. The real deal Jekyll or Hyde, take your pick while the world sits on baited breath waiting for the float to sink; buy your front row ticket now while you still can. Shops will be closing and not reopening any time soon. Continue reading “The God Strain”

An Absent Child

Author: G. Jefferies

She had known something was amiss on the day her husband, Albert, gave a tour of the newly acquired property. Things moved in her peripheral vision but always ceased to exist when she turned to look directly. Then there was the smell; very faint and not always there. A scent that reminded her of lavender and something else that she couldn’t quite put her finger on. Continue reading “An Absent Child”

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