The Dead Men of Dunharrow


Having escaped the crypt where the Templars fell, the Brothers Carmichael turn to a vacation in Wales. Visiting a castle ruins to relax and take in some history. What can go wrong?

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The Monks of War


The morning after the night before and the paranormal brothers find a visit to another point on the pentagram rather more than mere observation. Continue reading

The Marsh Awakens



After the bricked up revenant of a child bites Elisabeth on the hand, her world starts changing. Something in The Marshes is stirring. Continue reading

Witchcraft and Conspiracy

Author; G. Jefferies




In a pub in Compton, the paranormal brothers are trying to makes sense of their recent investigations. Rumour and hauntings begin to find a common purpose. Trouble is they are two points short of a pentagram. Continue reading

Ghost Walk

Author: G. Jefferies




As promised, here is part three of the story being serialised on my blog. I say story, but it’s really a sequence of short fiction pieces that found themselves being drawn inexorably together. This one moves away from the house to find the paranormal investigators watching… Continue reading

An Absent Child Revisted

Author: G. Jefferies




An Absent Child Revisited is the sequel to The Room That Swallows People, a piece written some time ago. This version is the full version of An Absent Child that was put up two months ago. I decided to give the fuller tale here with the intention of putting up other pieces of this series if, dear reader, you are interested. Continue reading

Ripples in Time

Rose is trapped inside a coma trying to rationalise her existence; outside her world ticks by. Which of three doors is the way out and which will leave her lost forever? Continue reading