Witchcraft and Conspiracy

Author; G. Jefferies

In a pub in Compton, the paranormal brothers are trying to makes sense of their recent investigations. Rumour and hauntings begin to find a common purpose. Trouble is they are two points short of a pentagram. Continue reading “Witchcraft and Conspiracy”

Ghost Walk

Author G. Jefferies

This is part three of the story that is serialised on my blog. I say story, but it’s really a sequence of short fiction pieces that find themselves being drawn inexorably together. This one moves away from the house to find the paranormal investigators watching what might be a ghost or the eerie sound of a fox barking. Continue reading “Ghost Walk”

An Absent Child Revisited

Author: G. Jefferies

An Absent Child Revisited is the sequel to The Room That Swallows People, a piece written some time ago. This version is the full version of An Absent Child that was put up two months ago. I decided to give the fuller tale here detailing the room itself with the intention of putting up other pieces of this series later. Continue reading “An Absent Child Revisited”

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