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Ghost Walk

Author: G. Jefferies     As promised, here is part three of the story being serialised on my blog. I say story, but it’s really a sequence of short fiction pieces that found themselves being drawn inexorably together. This one moves away from the house to find the paranormal investigators watching…

An Absent Child Revisted

Author: G. Jefferies     An Absent Child Revisited is the sequel to The Room That Swallows People, a piece written some time ago. This version is the full version of An Absent Child that was put up two months ago. I decided to give the fuller tale here with the intention of putting up other pieces of this series if, dear reader, you are interested.

An Absent Child

Author: G. Jefferies     She had known something was amiss on the day her husband, Albert, gave a tour of the newly acquired property. Things moved in her peripheral vision but always ceased to exist when she turned to look directly. Then there was the smell; very faint and not always there. A scent that reminded her of lavender and something else that she couldn’t quite put her finger on.

The Bequest. Scene 4

An extract from a new project. Horror in waiting. Some bad language but Ade’s a teenager so no apologies

Dead Man Walking III

In response to a request I am posting one more piece on Waylands journey. It is not a full tale…so read it not for that. It is what it is…no more spoliers !!

Dead Man Walking

Book Two of maybe in three of the opus magna. Wayland, son of a Blacksmith, is destined for more than village life. This is part of the start of his journey into the unknown. The old life dying and a new one driving him insane.

The Bequest – Chapter 2 scene 3

A scene from chapter two of a horror project. Testing the water if you like. Some bad language but there can be no apologies. It’s Jack, and Jack swears.

The Bequest – excerpt

The Bequest, a horror novel under construction but on hold while editing The Assent of Rose Marie Gray. Very much a work in progress this one but thoughts are welcome.

The Room That Swallows People

The paranormal brothers Carmichael witness the demise of an out of time woman in a room with an appetite.