Of Wine, Nature and Elegies in Oak

 Author: G. Jefferies

It was one of those crisp September mornings. The sort where early morning dew hangs from spider webs. Dangling on each strand of silk creating creating eerie artwork that only nature can produce with unabashed genius.

Back in the day of single paned windows condensation dabbed the glass next to the side jambs in an inverted arc that carried toward the sill. Asking mould to grow if no-one exercised the leathers to dry them off. Continue reading “Of Wine, Nature and Elegies in Oak”

Ghost Carp

#Author: G. Jefferies


On 16 June 1980, Chris Yates smashed the UK carp record with a 51.5 lb. leviathan from Redmire Pool in Herefordshire, England. For years as young inbetweeners in the late 80’s the awe of super sized carp remained an elusive fantasy with captures of significantly smaller fish restricted to all things under 5 lb. Big fish were the stuff of dreams, full of magic and unattainable mystery; at least until we found Crakemarsh Pool. An old estate lake sat in the grounds of an ancient abandoned manse crumbling in neglect and despair. Continue reading “Ghost Carp”

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