Quote Challenge Day #3

And so we arrive at the conclusion of this three day quotation challenge themed on Genius to Insanity. A very liberal interpretation but having journeyed through Einstein and Poe we arrive at madness and a book by Lewis Carrol you might have heard of entitled Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Not that Carrol was mad…far from it…it takes total genius to pluck this from the imagination…. Continue reading “Quote Challenge Day #3”

The Room That Swallows People

Author: G. Jefferies

“What are you doing in my house?”

The words stirred Amelie Hamilton from a dream about a dog she had grown up with as a child. Griff, a golden retriever and long walks in fields where it always seemed to be sunny and cool at the same time. One of those memories where hay-fever didn’t exist. It was hot, but not sweltering and being an adult was a long way off. Continue reading “The Room That Swallows People”

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