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Some time ago someone read a snippet of a short story that stemmed from a decade of thinking about writing but not actually making any inroads. In a previous life, existence was based on forging a career in scientific research with publications in various journals including Nature. All very interesting, but that is the personal driving force of advancing knowledge and understanding. Then children arrived. Life altering stuff indeed. The old ways were put aside to become the primary carer. A new “challenge” and probably even more rewarding. But what does one do with the time and feelings of isolation and growing despair that the world is moving on and leaving you behind?

Clearly one path is to think and contemplate then drop into an angst filled pit of despair. Another is to get a hobby. Enter the internet and an on-line gaming fraternity of high adventure. None of your Xbox or Playstation modern warfare. This was before them; although with boys growing up it would, of course, be folly not to “beta test” games to ensure content is suitable. That was my excuse at any rate and much time was lost to assorted free roaming high adventure. I digress, before top end games consoles there was a site on the State of Insanity (SOI; the name fitted the mindset) with a text based set of rooms that required speedy thinking and vocabulary to rise to fame…or infamy as the case may be. This was where folk began to suggest word craft might be something to pursue.

Many years later a friend was exposed to a short story; something I was not overconfident with – an issue I am told is not uncommon with writers be they best sellers, freelance or rubbish like me. This friend suggested that story be grown into something more. Sceptical, more time passed; lots of it in fact. Self esteem can be a motivating or entirely destructive. I am certain this is a more common trait amongst stay at home parents than is admitted. Add in other issues, that belong somewhere else, and the downward slide gets greased until daylight at the end of the tunnel seems so very far away.

The germ festered a while until someone else said the same thing. I had an epiphany; if you don’t try how will you know? Others possible saw it as something a shade more obvious; not quite as big a revelation as my brain concluded. Feedback comprised of comments such as

“You stupid (insert expletive of choice) idiot (or synonym of choice). Why didn’t you do this years ago?”

It is a fair point. All I can say is the characters didn’t come forwards until the eureka moment. After that they wouldn’t shut up. Rattling off the first draft of a novel came relatively easily; providing one doesn’t dwell on the decade thinking about it! I found the experience more like being a biographer rather than a writer – I reserve the use of author to those wordsmiths with evidence of craft. The tale was narrated to me with more than one character telling me that they were most definitely not doing that or simply no that’s not what I would do. I do believe one even went off in a sulk for nearly a week at one point.

First draft was completed a few weeks ago and there it now sits waiting for review and ordering into chapters. Being electronic it will not gather dust so even that cannot act as reminder to stop procrastinating and get on with it.

So why am I here chewing the fat with anyone who cares to look? Simple really, avoids the redraft…. Not really, well maybe a bit. I actually took an on-line short course on dialogue and in that was a blog that budding writers could test their skills in a forum offering support and constructive criticism. I think that was probably more helpful than I ever imagined possible. Total strangers looking at samples of text; how out of the comfort zone is that? Funny thing is, being in the same boat, they were all very friendly and welcoming. It gave me the idea / confidence to look at a blog and think why not make it a place anyone can drop in, comment, trial ideas and so on. Everyone has to start somewhere and if a blog is where people that are in the place I was in find the light at the end of the tunnel drawing closer then all well and good. Kudos to them. If some of them become famous then at least we can say we knew them once upon a time too; although signed book copies would be appreciated; with maybe a personal dedication thrown in for good measure.

So, blogging. This is the now. New project and entirely a novice; sidebars, widgets, gravitars..about now I normally steal an acronym from the last film in Nick Frost and Simon Pegs the Three Flavours of Cornetto trilogy… WTF!

I would therefore ask that any unfortunate enough to encounter this blog in its infancy please be aware I have no clue what I am doing. Suggestions on errors or content are welcome…although I am not even certain posting by others is working.

Everyone is welcome, new writers, old writers, young writers, those wanting to write, hints, tips and publishers knowhow; but probably not those that don’t want to write as that would be pointless. Equal opportunities means famous authors are not excluded although they will make me feel inadequate again.

Still, practice makes perfect…




  1. Lee Vernon says

    Good to read this Gary. Our random conversations at the bar, the early musings of a novelist and a songwriter gave us both inspiration perhaps? I’ll be dropping by from time to time to keep an eye on you… I’m expecting great things!

    • An unexpected visit Lee and most welcome indeed. These are quite aged musings now and require a few addenda to catch up the later years. Still under the radar so to speak…as per bar discourse… a place now much changed since last you saw it (call that insider knowledge from the keeper of the beers). I’ll certainly look forward to those visits and try to perceive these as nothing at all to do with pressure!

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    • Thanks for the huge shout out Esmé and loving the new blog look. Somehow I have to sort mine out ASAP. No idea what I’m doing there mind 😱

    • Quite possible, although I’m feeling ancient today after completing a book project first draft yesterday! This about really needs an update too. Coming here to read your kind words has reminded me of a re-theme plan I need to sort out.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to drop in and comment too. Much appreciated!

  4. “Rattling off the first draft of a novel came relatively easily; providing one doesn’t dwell on the decade thinking about it!”

    Hahaha! I’ve been practically going in this direction with a story. In fact my current nanowrimo story is inspired by the first novel I started writing and never completed. Nearly 9 years and Three “novels” later, and here I am bringing it to life! 🙂

    • Lol, I just look at King and The Dark Tower….that sat in a box for a while and turned out pretty good IMO….and if King can do it as a high output author, the likes of me feel no shame at all!

      Brilliant for you too. It’s true what they say, never throw any writing away…you never know when it might resurface as an inspired idea 😊

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  6. Rewrite? Good to have that option…lol…Me? I am still plodding through that first draft…. Must away to write some more 🙂

    • Haha, yes, I need to re-write this too as part of my blog revamp! Since then one redraft has been competed and is waiting for a publisher to say “Yes.” One other sits in the slush pile and a third is on CampNaNo now to get me to finish it lol. Thank you so much for the comment 🙂

      Oh, and the first draft of this one is seven months old already! Tempus fugit and all that…well that was the title of a post I did a few months back saying it would all be finished by now….eeek!!!

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    • Crumbs, this was in my spam folder for some bizarre reason. I don’t check it very often which is a my bad thing! I know we’ve talked about this on your blog and wondered if you’d come over to mention it. So sorry Esme 💐

        • I had the link saved already Esme; but was shocked to find this one extracted by Askimet. I really should check my spam folder more often. Will be onto this soon as it is on my to do list 🙂

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