Don’t Miss Out; 2017 Blogger Bash Award Nominations – Voting Now Open


Blogger Bash Awards 2017


It’s not very often one wakes up to discover that some kind soul has nominated you for an award at the upcoming Annual #BloggersBash. However, yesterday this mysteriously happened to me. Just in case anyone wasn’t aware of the Bash itself (and it happens; I have been blogging for just over a year and only became aware of it quite recently, my bad!) in a nutshell its a real live event held at a London venue where bloggers from all over meet up in the real and get to know each other in person. All very exciting so here are the links to learn more:

About the 2017 Bash

Get your tickets here

Award nominations and GET voting here


Back to the mysterious. It seems, upon visiting the voting link (above), there I was, sitting in the BEST PAL BLOG AWARD 2017 nominations list.


“The criteria is: Which blogger do you want to go to the pub with? Or maybe have dinner with? Who never fails to reply to comments, and has thoughtful things to say. Maybe they encourage the community through weekly challenges or blog parties. Who wouldn’t the blogging world be the same without?”


No idea who I can hold responsible for this alleged similarity to the criteria, pub aside, I can do that rather well; but the rest? seriously? A mere sixteen months after joining the blogosphere and a dearth of regular posts this very year (reasons undisclosed; to be corrected shortly) and some generous soul has secretly put my name forwards.

Whoever you are, I will hunt you down and share your posts all over; be warned. Either that or write you into an upcoming book wearing the sort of coloured top that Star Trek away teams used to dread. Actually, I have a novel in mind already and a certain fellow blogger reading this might even hazard a guess as to what it might be about.

I digress, I am seriously honoured to have been nominated amongst such fine fellow bloggers. Just getting onto the list in the first place is #awesome and a privilege. I have one thing to say…




Now get over to the voting link and get involved; even if you aren’t going. Its your blogosphere and anyone connected to it can cast a vote; even it you don’t then there are some awesome blogs listed that are well worth a looksee.

And my final words are…

Best Blogging Pal… just saying !









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  2. Mega congrats, dear man! Needless to say, I’ve already voted for you, and I have the sneaking suspicion that the person who nominated you is someone who also nominated me. If I’m correct, it means they didn’t make the ballot, something I plan to remedy next year…

    Speaking of, have you any idea how they determine the final nominations? I’ve heard tell that there were hundreds they had to cull through, but I was curious – if one person nominated a blog, would that be enough to make the cut, or does it need to be multiple?

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