Month: April 2017

Opportunity to Share

Source: Blogging From the Bloggers Perspective; by Melanie Peters     Recently my good friend Melanie from  gave a talk in Osage County Library, Missouri, about blogging and, more importantly, about motivational goals and intent (the source word for her blog title).

Author Spotlight; Hayley Mitchell

  Hayley released her first book Because I Was Lonely in March 2017. This post aims to showcase her novel and urge a call to action for book reviewers.

An open invitation to all Bloggers

Source: An open invitation to all Bloggers   Esme from cookandenjoy recipes recently posted a call to action;                      Open invitation to all Bloggers in the Blogosphere   I’m all for cross promoting and social networking so this is a great time to big up a friend who is creating a list of bloggers with their links to social media outlets. If you need connections then hop over, get your sites linked and explore some of the wonderful blogs on offer.

Author Spotlight; Niki Meadows Book Cover Reveal

Wage War On Your Mind & Fight For Your Life is the debut book by Niki Meadows; an autobiographical account of how she beat seventeen years of depression and turned her life into a shining example of positivity.