Versatile Blogger Award



It’s not every day some generous blogger pops over with award nominations and shout outs to ones humble ramblings, but….


I am humbled to announce that a fellow blogger at the Ink Owl has nominated me for this particular award. This link is to their award post because the list of nominations has some excellent blogs that anyone with a spare half an hour should have a look at. Obviously, whilst there it would be crass not to have a rummage through Ink Owls stories and fiction writing too!


The rules for this nomination and award are as follows:

  1. You have to thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  2. Link the nominees and inform them about their nomination.
  3. Nominate at least 15 bloggers of your choice.
  4. Share 7 true facts about yourself.


Seven facts about me:

  1. I have three degrees; although no albums.
  2. I listen to Planet Rock radio; which explains no albums by The Three Degrees.
  3. I was a research scientist and have 12 published papers.
  4. I gave that up to raise two boys.
  5. I was chair to a pre-school charity and a school governor; both for five years.
  6. I write books, short stories and memoirs.
  7. I have been blogging for one year.

I thought that might have been a struggle, but it seems, when one starts to think, that life, looking back, has a way of surprising me.


15 blogs you should visit.

While these are my nominations there is no pressure at all to do this. Consider it a shout out to your blog, a kindness if that suits you better. It is, in part a thank you to my top interacters, many of whom have become friends.

And remember, I can’t nominate or shout out everybody. Not being mentioned does not place you higher or lower than anyone  here. I try and rotate lists over time so consider yourself in waiting, as it were.


  1. Lovely person who holds mystical knowledge on cats and crystals: quite possibly a witch, but I didn’t say that!
  2. What can I say about Marje? Supportive blogger who loves writing. In fact she is close to publishing too. I recently introduced her to Samantha (above) and I’m thinking the cat and crystal connection might also be coven making.
  3. Well deserved shout out and always supportive. Blogs about positivity and kindness. Often pops  over with generous comments.
  4. Niki blogs voraciously on kindness and well-being, and has set up a business as a life coach. Her first book on the subject is due out soon and I’d urge anyone interested to sign up for Mays Kindness Challenge. There is a link on my blog to it, or visit hers for more information.
  5. What can I say about Daisy? Wonderful heart and, dare I say, good friend. Despite her troubles, she blogs with enthusiasm to help others and share her experiences: an incredibly supportive person. Well worth a visit.
  6. Another wonderful blogger with an eclectic mix of stories and tales about her life, thoughts and reflections on life.
  7. Published author Lucy Brazier has carved a fabulous blog based on her book “Secret Diary of PorterGirl.” Not to mention the new blog saga of “Who Shot Tony Blair?” in a post Brexit dystopia.
  8. Lovely lady and writes zany posts rich in wordplay and puns. Also writing a book which will some day dazzle the world. Even beta reading my own book “The Assent of Rose Marie Gray.” Massive heart and full of support wherever she goes.
  9. Ritu is new to my network of friends. A teacher and mother of two with a poetry book published called “Poetic Rituals.” Posts about anything and everything. Well worth a visit.
  10. What to say about Patty? Often drops onto my blog and leaves generous comments. Her own blog is wonderfully presented and is mine of writing, poetry and information. From the Netherlands exemplifying that within the blogosphere there are no borders or divisions. Definitely worth a visit and a follow.
  11. Juls is also new to my world. Self proclaimed eeejit, but no way do I believe that at all! Zany blog and zany banter yes. Eeejit, definitely not.
  12. Now this lady is immense. An “irreverent view of life after 65” is how she describes her blog. A Grandma of two girls, active blog battler and short story writer. I’ve already mentioned borders have no boundaries and this blog proves neither does age. Says things as she sees them too so let’s cut the crap and go visit this blog!
  13. Just cannot mention blog battle and leave out Rachael. Author of “The Chronicle of the Twelve Realms”, of which I’ve read “The Beauty Thief.” Prolific blogger and plenty of advice for budding Indie authors.
  14. Sarah is also a frequent visitor and writes evocative dark poetry and fiction. Her about page is all it takes to know where her words come from. Another wonderful and supportive blogger.
  15. Can’t not include Matt, only person I’ve met so far that’s doing the 365 days continuos post challenge. Currently day 282. How he keeps going is beyond me, although his posts might be getting more and more insane. Will he be the same man by day 365?


Remember, nominees are in no way obligated to reciprocate. This is my way of saying thanks for following my blog and being there!







  1. I have no idea where my head is sometimes 🙂 I read this (I think it was on a rare lunch break at work) and meant to say Congratulations and Thank You!!!!!!! So sorry for the oversight, my friend…so sweet of you to think of me….and, your praise really made my heart sing full voice…to think that someone of your writing skill is impressed by my novel-in-progress is such a blessing 🙂

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  2. YAY!! Congrats, Gary!! so good to hear from you today!
    So, I’m in waiting, as it were? lol
    The three degrees, but no albums took me a minute!!
    Sue, I think it is, from Cut the Crap is quite a hoot!
    To my shame, I didn’t post WEd. I Something had to give. 365 posts continuously??? Wow!! That’s impressive!
    You are going great guns!!

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    • Thank you so much Elise, lovely to hear from you and apologies for absence…been a very slow start due to outside (of blog) interference! Most of my research was in molecular thin films and non-linear optics although I have worked in clinical biochemistry too. Favourite topic is and was molecular biology. Long time ago now though 😱

      Liked by 1 person

        • It’s not entirely offline, one must keep on top of platfirm building in other places, but posts here have suffered a shade. I’m hoping to change that shortly, but life stuff first yes? I find the subject fascinating. To think of all the minutia, reactions and biochemistry going on all the time and how we seem to be blissfully unaware of it all. The sheer awe at DNA unraveling, being copied, error checked then zipped back up is mind boggling.

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  3. Gary, your nomination is quite an honor. I am a huge fan of your writing and enjoy taking your comments to heart (and always try to put into practice what you suggest). I have checked out all of the blogs you nominated as well. WOW! You have some seriously talented blogging friends. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Congratulations on this well deserved award!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Treat it as either a nomination or shout out Melanie. I know lots of bloggers don’t do challenges or awards, but I will spotlight their blogs in order to thank them for help and support. I hope you find you can follow and engage with some of them too. They aren’t just talented, they are also fabulous people too. I have the latter way ahead in terms of who I will call friends too.
      Thank you for your comment too, it’s lovely to see you and I do hope you are in a better place now. I know your loss cut deep x

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    • Thank you Nandini, it came as a surprise because this year has been a slow start in blogging terms. I’m trying to get back up to speed though! My interest areas are/were molecular biology, although the papers were all in molecular thin films and non-liner optics. If that helps at all lol.

      Thank you so much for popping over. I’m intending to do a shout out post once a month, so anyone I know could quite easily be thrown in. It’s not a bias thing or list of who I regard higher or better than anyone else…more a thank you for support and general blogosphere appreciation. I’m still awed by that aspect given the state of political events recently. Not that I give politicos a great deal of time. Too many personal agendas and jibber jabber!

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      • It’s okay to have a slow start as long as you’re putting out quality content and your readers are enjoying it. 🙂 I know a bit about molecular biology (a very teeny bit), but you lost me at the others. 😂 They sound very cool though (to be fair, all science sounds cool to me).
        Hey, that’s a great idea! I’m sure everyone can do with a little more of gratitude in their lives, given how the world seems to be dividing itself, and we need people to stand united to show that political policies can’t change the fact that we’re all human beings in the end, no matter who we are and where we come from. I’d love to see what you come up with. 😊

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        • Oh my, then I do hope readers are enjoying it!! Actually my slow start is more to do with trying to decide a publishing direction for a novel that’s ready to go. I am a terrible procrastinator and pessimistic optimist (oxymorons R Us).
          Quick précis, molecular thin films are exactly what it says, films one molecule thick…non-linear optics is a bit like it says, fire one wavelength into something you expect it to reflect or pass through at the same wavelength. However if it reacts with the material then things happen, such as the frequency doubling of light (eg 1064nm infrared laser radiation can be switched to visible 532nm green). That ones called Second Harmonic Grneration. Clear as mud lol

          You are so right too, I’m very dispirited with the way world politics is going. My view is most people would rather get on and solve differences rather than bicker. Solutions not problems approach. I just don’t get why some folk are so stuck in there little world’s that they miss all the wonderful people around the world that have great cultures, history and tales to tell. Friendship has no borders in my book. I think the shout out is definitely on my agenda now too. Maybe first week of each month!

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          • Oh, that must be a hectic time for you. Hope the publishing goes well and in a direction you want. 🙂
            Thanks for that explanation! Non-linear optics sounds fascinating. I’m more of a physics nerd myself, although I’m getting a degree in engineering.
            I’m glad that there are such people in this world. Living in India, diversity is something I see every day and it’s hard to picture a place where people might be biased towards other people speaking a different language or having a different skin colour. It’s heartening to see that the common folk don’t have this narrow-minded viewpoint that some of their representatives do and those are the voices that really matter. I’m sure that the future has better things in store for us and that one oppressive regime in one country can’t destroy the aeons of togetherness among human beings. 🙂

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            • Me too lol. So far it a case of too much research muddying the water. I have to stop doing other stuff and just concentrate on it. Time is the consistent enemy on that one!
              Good for you too, an engineering degree is pretty impressive stuff. Physics is fascinating, as are all the sciences…but boy do we get some dull presentation of it in classrooms and media coverage. I totally agree with you about people in general too. I think blogging really opened my eyes to that side of folk. Also to hear optimism in the face of current world affairs. If that message grows then maybe at some point politicos will have to listen 😊

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    • Thank you Helen 😊 Not sure about deserve though as posts this year have been rather lacking. However, I have met some amazing people here and try to visit as often as the beast Time permits! I think the shout out is important too, to recognise and thank people for help and continued support. Really appreciate you commenting too 😊


  4. We’ve only met just recently, so I am extra honored you nominated me!
    Interesting seven facts about you, which leaves me with a question; I am under the impression you are a man…where/are you a stay at home dad? Or am I totally of base and are you a woman…in that case: oops!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha ha, that made me chuckle! Go with the first impression and yes, primary carer at home by choice…I have decided the adage of women are the only ones capable of multi-tasking is an urban myth. I believe it’s raising kids that forces this adaptation upon the primary carer!!!
      As for nominations and shout outs. They go to established followers or new ones with no discrimination, apart from good blogs, friendly people and those that freely interact. Oh, and I must like them too lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      • In this modern times, Gary could have been a woman’s name..that’s why I was a little confused 😉
        So, as the multi-tasking man you are, you are also watching tv, reading blogs, typing comments and keep an eye on your children (in my case naughty dogs) at the same time? As an example?
        We share the same ‘system’ for nominations 🙂
        About the liking part: Yippee, I like you too! (doing a little dance and smiling, hihi)

        Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Traci, the seven facts I thought were going to be tricky. Sometimes I forget past achievements and think eek, what have I done? Not what you might call very mindful that! The listed blogs cover quite a few areas, BUT, everyone on it is friendly and absolutely brilliant wrt support, kindness and willing to engage. I hope you enjoy the writers especially 😊

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      • I really don’t mind the mention at all. I’ve had a migraine for almost 10 days, so I wasn’t sure what to say. I am honored that you thought of me. And the delicate way in which you explained my overarching dark writing made me a little emotional. I simply didn’t know what to say. Thank you so much. That days, I received this award s while back, but the questions might prove useful in a future conversation piece. 😊

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        • Ouch, ten days with a migraine is not very funny at all. Hopefully you’re feeling better now though. As for the mention. Your blog was always going to get a mention at some point. Your about page is quite amazing in that you’ve been very brave and upfront with things. Too many people hide that side of themselves when they shouldn’t. I also empathise with some aspects too. A lot of my writing comes from a similar place. I draw on it quite often, but am more out of the hole than in it now. I do hope it was not a bad emotional emotion too!
          This award has given me the idea to do shout out posts to bloggers more often. I feel recognition is pretty important sometimes. Just to keep the “Why am I doing this?” at bay. Really appreciate your comments as always Sarah 😊


            • It’s often hard to self assess progress because you normalise on things. Usually it’s outside people looking in that see the changes progress or when a relapse hits and you feel your mind is really in that dip and doesn’t like it. You notice that more the better you feel about things. Before it’s a static zone that surrounds itself with cyclic thinking…often called a comfort zone that stops things happening. I liken it to being on the platform of life where people board trains and speed off, leaving you watching and not going anywhere. It’s good you are aware of things you’ve strengthened in though. That’s positive. Another thing that might help is the Z Kindness Challenge in May. I used it last year to self reflect and apply mindfulness into thinking and writing posts for it. Just a thought 😊

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                • It’s what I call the cataract effect. The analogy being, very slow loss of sight over time is often not registered or perceived. You adjust as it happens. It takes an outsider looking in to say go get your eyes tested. MH I think is the same…it drips in unnoticed and you normalise on it. That’s why it’s seems hopeless and impossible to beat. However, improvements outwards also go unnoticed if they are small steps. I think often people fail there because they also adjust to the improvement not seeing it and then the default mind says sod it. Outside looking in, or even a mood journal, can act as a balance to thinking. It’s why therapists do the mood scores before each appointment so on their system over time they can see if mood values are trending and try to bend the treatment method to optimise it. If you can engage with people who’ve been through it then they will see changes easier. The kindness challenge does draw in those people and the host, Niki, has set it up after 17 years of low mood and depression. It’s her way of helping people self motivate. Just reading other people posts on it is quite amazing. Nobody needs to be alone. There also no pressure to do it all or at the weekly speed either. Even if you don’t do it, you might find following it very interesting x

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  5. Aren’t you one fabulous fellow blogger! Thank you for the award and for your lovely words.
    It is always an honor to be chosen. Alas, I stopped accepting ages ago as I couldn’t keep up with awards.

    I know. No pressure. Just want you to know I appreciate the gesture and the added exposure this will give me. ❤ 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think I’ve seen the no challenges thing on your blog somewhere…might be wrong, but I know some have that up….BUT…I tend to ignore that and contemplate nomination as shout outs to great bloggers and friends.
      Absolutely no pressure at all, but a gesture of good will and go connect with them pronto type of thing. No thanks necessary. If it draws a smile and feel good factor, then job done 😊

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