A-Z PE Challenge Day 7 (G)

Totally out of the blue….a fellow blogger, coincidentally named Gary, has written a very generous review as part of a challenge he’s working on. Amazing blog so go visit and follow post (bad pun) haste!


G was a tough one.  I don’t know why, the letter seems common enough!  I pondered for a moment nominating myself but this thought alone seemed so narcissistic I had to banish it from my mind immediately.

An interesting phenomenon has arisen amidst this A-Z challenge.  How to find letter specific bloggers?  This spurred a google search on how to find bloggers, which was quite unfruitful.  There are a few plugins that pretend to be able to do the job but I’m too computer illiterate and lazy to try to find if they are lying or not (the plugins).  I’m not sure if plugins are capable of lying or not, but since their creators are (I think) humans, I’m sure they have the ability.

I slowly came to the realization that I would have to search the good old fashioned way, which is a kind of “stumble upon” method.  I…

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