Month: April 2016

Quote Challenge Day #3

And so we arrive at the conclusion of this three day quotation challenge themed on Genius to Insanity. A very liberal interpretation but having journeyed through Einstein and Poe we arrive at madness and a book by Lewis Carrol you might have heard of entitled Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Not that Carrol was mad…far from it…it takes total genius to pluck this from the imagination….

Quote Challenge Day #2

I received this quote challenge a few days ago from Intentergy. OK, that was a deja vu opening line but one has to name drop friends blogs as a matter of social netiquette…especially if they drop one in it and make the grey matter tick over looking for prompts.

Quote Challenge Day # 1

I received this quote challenge a few days ago from Intentergy. At the time life was being stubborn, it still is after a drediting fashion, so delay was inevitable but I have decided upon a theme for my response….genius to insanity. Beginning with genius; Albert Einstein on idiocy.

The Bequest. Scene 4

An extract from a new project. Horror in waiting. Some bad language but Ade’s a teenager so no apologies

Dead Man Walking III

In response to a request I am posting one more piece on Waylands journey. It is not a full tale…so read it not for that. It is what it is…no more spoliers !!

Computer Say Yes

Following on from Computer Say No, one thought it might be prudent to write the antithesis to ensure there is balance in the world

Of Wine, Nature and Elegies in Oak

Following on from Ghost Carp this is another memoir, an elegy if you so like, to days of yore. Good memories of a late friend. It is raw and straight off the bat, unpolished and rather like my memory. If it ever embeds in an anthology of piscatorial tales then it will be truly edited. For now it is what it is…an elegy.