Quote Challenge Day #3

And so we arrive at the conclusion of this three day quotation challenge themed on Genius to Insanity. A very liberal interpretation but having journeyed through Einstein and Poe we arrive at madness and a book by Lewis Carrol you might have heard of entitled Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Not that Carrol was mad…far from it…it takes total genius to pluck this from the imagination…. Continue reading


Quote Challenge Day #2

I received this quote challenge a few days ago from Intentergy.

OK, that was a deja vu opening line but one has to name drop friends blogs as a matter of social netiquette…especially if they drop one in it and make the grey matter tick over looking for prompts. Continue reading

Quote Challenge Day # 1

I received this quote challenge a few days ago from Intentergy. At the time life was being stubborn, it still is after a drediting fashion, so delay was inevitable but I have decided upon a theme for my response….genius to insanity.

Beginning with genius; Albert Einstein on idiocy. Continue reading

The Bequest. Scene 4

Author: G. Jefferies



Adrian “Ade” Johnston was a bright kid that mixed with the wrong ones after his parents took their eye off the ball. Easy to do moving from toddler through to adolescence. Those days are cute. Maybes not at the time but looking back Pamela and Carl figured those were the times before “get out of my bubble” and “what do you know” appeared. Continue reading

Dead Man Walking III

Author: G. Jefferies




On the next waking he sensed his grip on the past failing fast. All save one that came to him in a dream deep inside the unconscious abyss. The girl he saw was bewitched and vacant. Her dress ripped down to the waist exposing skin and breast red with blood that seeped from two wounds in her neck. Runes were etched on each wall and upon the floor was drawn a massive pentagram whose points were connected by a circle of white. Continue reading

Computer Say Yes

Author: G. Jefferies





A new blog friend suggested trying this daily prompt thing over the weekend. Not for me thought I, but up popped the word contrast this very morning. By sheer coincidence last week the relevant parts required to make Computer Say Yes arrived on Friday and it seemed only right to write the antithesis rant to last weeks post Computer Say No. Perfect contrast methinks. Continue reading

Of Wine, Nature and Elegies in Oak

Author: G. Jefferies



It was one of those crisp September mornings. The sort where early morning dew hangs from spider webs; dangling on each strand of silk creating creating eerie artwork that only nature can produce with unabashed genius.

Back in the day of single paned windows, condensation dabbed the glass next to the side jambs in an inverted arc that carried toward the sill asking mould to grow if no-one exercised the leathers to dry them off. Continue reading